9 thoughts on “Flags Issue”

  1. I highly recommend Perilous Wilds for this. But very generally, ask your players about the world based on their characters. Ex., you have an elf player, ask them what elves are like in this world, what nations they have etc.

  2. You could just use bonds to establish initial relationships, and use the questions and answers for story seeds without actually using the Bond mechanics.

  3. The one thing Bonds are really good at is setting up that initial relationship web. Use them for that, then drop them. It may also be that, at first, players don’t know enough about their own characters to pick flags anyway.

  4. Aaron Griffin, I’ve always found the meet-in-tavern terribly “forced”; also DW focuses a lot on characters’relationships. Personally, I think they have to know each other at least a little.

    Sherman S, Got Perilous Wilds since a couple of weeks but haven’t read yet. Which part do you mean?

    James Etheridge Lester Ward It seems the best solution, I’ll try in this way, thanks 😉

  5. Andrea Di Stefano Page 10 of Perilous Wilds. To sort of echo what others have said. I started my players with bonds during a session zero, then when their characters were complete we used Perilous Wilds to build the basic framework of our setting. After session one, we found we didn’t care for bonds and ejected them for flags.

  6. Andrea Di Stefano that’s exactly my point. Bonds give DW good initial inter-character setup. If you’re removing them completely, then you’re stuck with things that feel “forced”

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