My son likes his Wizard character but also likes to try different things with him.

My son likes his Wizard character but also likes to try different things with him.

My son likes his Wizard character but also likes to try different things with him. So I used my Out of the frying pan… (Skyrim) primer and we spent so much time working on the new world that we didn’t even get a chance play. But here are his answers to the questions. Note that A) he is VERY familiar with Skyrim, but went out of his way to come up with some very non-Skyrim answers and B) he’s only 15 (well, he turns 15 in three weeks)!

What did you do that you are here to be executed with these criminals?

Elf Wizard: Teril – Accused of wizardry in a large wealthy kingdom (Koisinhelm) where magic is illegal.The King’s daughter (Forith) has disappeared and Teril was accused of it. Magic is illegal because of a magical disaster that occurred centuries ago, destroying half the city. It was caused by a High Elf (magical) Wizard who was Teril’s grandfather: Galothor.

Why is this method of execution generally considered a distaseful death?

Bound by melithian (known for it’s magic-quelling properties) cuffs, and being hacked to death by a dull melithian hatchet is a slow, painful death.

Who is it that has the authority to execute you?

Execution for magic use is demanded by the citizens. It’s a long standing tradition that even the king can’t alter, despite the fact that his daughter is missing. It would be a simple task for Teril to find her, even if he’s not guilty. The citizens would revolt if he attempted to change this law.

Who is that famous (or infamous) person bound along with you?

Human Nomad named Tildur

Why is that person here to be executed along with the rest of you?

Out of fear he may destroy the world. His power was granted to him by the Orb of Urofiviel which he discovered while travelling the roads. He inadvertently destroyed a small portion of the forest kingdom while tapping into it’s power.

What type of legendary beast or creature interrupted the executions?

A sun-like beam of light blinded everyone in it’s radius and when their vision cleared an Angelic Figure wearing Sleek Platinum armor warned of the evils awakened by the Orb’s explosion. As it was speaking a Melithian Golem smashed through several ancient trees into the execution area. A whisper from the Angelic Figure in a language unknown to all present evaporated the melithian that made up the cuffs, hatchet and Golem, it’s magic well beyond the ability of the melithian to quell.

What was foretold would happen when the Orb resurfaced after so many centuries?

Powerful creatures thought long extinct or banished will begin to reappear and threaten the entire world.

Who was it that freed you from your bonds?

The Angelic Figure (obviously lol)

What type of structure or area was nearby that you were lead to for safety?

The Angelic Figure guided them to the portion of the city ruined centuries ago before returning to destroy more of the creatures that made their way in.

Where can you go to learn more about the Prophecy?

The wielder of knowledge (the holder of the Orb) must seek the greedy and mischievous demonic Librarians on the Plane of Knowledge – Sunnivar


The King’s daughter Forith really disappeared along a road while secretly carrying the Orb of Urofiviel through the forest kingdom. This was the road where Tildur discovered it.

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  1. Storn Cook and Clinton Pong, It took a little more coaching and coaxing to get this out of him than my adult players, but it was a lot of fun seeing him get excited when he realized that he could link and “retcon” his answers.

    All of the names came from or are based on the list of names in Freebooters on the Frontier.

    Although I’ve been playing DW with him for a while he has never played any other tabletop RPG before. So when he was stuck for something other than a dragon for the beast that interrupted his execution (which I told him was fine, but he wanted something different) I pulled out my 5E Monster Manual and his eyes LIT UP as he flipped through the pages looking for something cool!

    He was so excited by the Monster Manual that he asked to take it home with him to look through 🙂

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