Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone! I’m putting down something about a new Thief playbook since it was asked-on the italian DW community- about a more fictional version of this class which I’ve personally always loved.

I think there’s yet a lot to do, but I want to share with you one of the starting moves and maybe discuss about it.

Some take-home messages before posting the move:

. the class “plays” a lot with points: Stealth, Notoriety, Resources will have multiple effects on fiction based on how they’ll be spent

. on the italian community I left the drive link for taking a look whenever you want. Problem is it’s all written in italian so this can be quite an issue :/ however, this is the link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uQramWnYDv8hYBxs2-c113xblOVSFZiX8qwDJfV6oTo/edit?usp=sharing

. As for what I said before, when the class will be over, I’m gonna upload on Drivethru in PWYW so, if someone of you is available to make a revision for english issues and mistakes, she’s gonna be on the credits 🙂

Here’s the move (sorry for grammar!)


When you sneakily approach a target unaware of your intentions, declare a goal (eg, pickpocket, stun him, poison his mug, eavesdrop, …). Each action is allowed but the GM will assign you one or more of the following conditions:

. you will have to create a diversion

. it will be easily traceable to you (increase your Notoriety)

. you will need ___ /the help of ____

. you will have to settle for a minor result

. will require special care (spend 1 stealth or Defy Danger instead)

. you need some time

[Then, roll+DES: With 10+, tell how you reach your goal. With a 7-9, face an unexpected consequence: take -1 next.]

Let’s talk abot this.

As you can imagine, I was inspired by one of my favourite DW move, this is, Ritual from the Wizard. In the original version, the options you can read were different; instead, there was what now it’s written in the [….]. The fact is I was afraid of a too powerful move but I also thought that even the Ritual move has a basic condition (A place of power/ in this case you must approach sneakily and the target be unaware of what you want to do) plus some conditions in addictions without the need to roll for another unexpected consequences. So I changed the options and put that roll dice in [_____] for thinking whether I should keep or not.

What do you think?


As from the chat with Robert Doe in the comments, I wrote an early english version for you to keep an eye on the upcoming moves and let me know your thoughts 🙂 Of course any Language review or grammar mistake noticing will be appreciated as well 😀

At the moment, I’ve just translated the starting moves. Time after time, I’ll go with the Others 🙂


Hi everybody!

Hi everybody!

Hi everybody! Going to introduce DW to a friend of mine who asked me a couple of sessions to play (I once mastered him a bit of scenes to show up how DW works but nothing more since then). Any tips for playing DW with a single player?

I’ve already “Briarwood” whom I saw here weeks ago but I never tried.

Going to introduce to you a small conversation piece: in fiction, do you manage “long term” consequences of an…

Going to introduce to you a small conversation piece: in fiction, do you manage “long term” consequences of an…

Going to introduce to you a small conversation piece: in fiction, do you manage “long term” consequences of an attack suffered by a character?

Example given: during a frantic struggle, the creature X bites deep into the pg arm holding the weapon inflicting Y damage. If a wound like that in fiction would prevent the PG to hold the weapon, do you apply it? And after the battle you “play” the dressing?

Of course if you have any material related to, link as always 😀

Hi there!

Hi there!

Hi there! Don’t know if there’s someone who understands Italian but here It is my first DW class, inspired to Full Metal Alchemist. It’s completely free so, if someone manage to translate it, just give me the credits and let me know if it works!

Originally shared by Andrea Di Stefano

Oserei dire che stavolta ci siamo proprio! Dopo un po’ di confronti (dentro e fuori la community) mi sono accorto che più guardavo il Trasmutatore più non mi ci trovavo: troppo legato all’anime e poco personalizzabile per essere una classe di DW. Dopo un bel lavoro di revisione sono arrivato finalmente ad un risultato che mi aggrada: sicuramente ci saranno cose da sistemare, ma essendo la mia prima classe spero chiuderete un occhio :p

Special thanks to Giulia Avola per il solito eccezionale lavoro di design 😀


Crossbow of the Bond—> an heavy and figured crossbow, incapable of shooting common darts.

Crossbow of the Bond—> an heavy and figured crossbow, incapable of shooting common darts.

Crossbow of the Bond—> an heavy and figured crossbow, incapable of shooting common darts. When you aim a sentient creature, hardly focus on yourself and roll+WIS: a little aery dart will be thrown against the target. On a 10+, grab 3. On a 7-9, grab 2 but the target will know he was shot. On 6-, still grab 1 in addiction of what the GM will say.

You can spend the holds, 1-for-1, to:

-establish a telepathic bond with the target which lasts 1 hour, wherever the target is.

-do d4 telepathic damage (ignore armor)

-visualize a memory or a precious secret of the target.

Using the crossbow against another target means rinunce to eventual holds left with the previous target; moreover, if it’s used against a target aimed in the past, he will know he was shot regardless the result of the roll.

Hi there!

Hi there!

Hi there!

I’d want to start with you a discussion about the management as a GM of a city’s siege: my party stands for defense, how do you role all the session? At the momenti I thought dividing the city map in locations such as Wall, Gate, City Centre, Gutter ecc. where the PGs could act and achieve their purpose (save the people, allay with the enemy, killing, raid ecc.). Any advice? I was also thinking about using Siege Machines both for attack and defense, do you know custom moves about?

Thanks a lot!

Hi there!

Hi there!

Hi there! I’d want to share with you the last item I wrote. It was great if you tell me everything you think about it: good things, bad things. EVERYTHING, no mercy, please, I ‘ve to learn ^^. I also apologise for grammar mistakes, I’m an italian guy who tries to do his best 😀 Enjoy!

Phalanx of Black Gate

A phalanx hooked and pearly used as a stylus is able to write everywhere, the font will change according to the surface (can magically affect the wood, use a bloody ink on paper, create little eddies in the water).

When you decide to use the Phalanx for the first time, say a word that identifies what the character wants most in the world, even the most hidden desire. ONLY a word.

Then write the name of a person and rolls:

with 10+ take 3. with 7-9 take 1. 

You can spend the grabs, 1 to 1, at any time to:

-kill, even at a distance, outright, that person. GM will know how.

-Get help, even in the most desperate situation, from this person

-Get in the body of this person. Return to your body means spending the remaining grabs. With a 7-9, you return into your body when you use again the Falange

-teleport yourself instantly in front of that person

-teleport that person instantly in front of  you

Writing a new name means  giving up the previous grabs.

Whenever you write a name, a letter of the word chosen at first will be marked on your body.

When your desire is entirely branded on your body and you have to roll on Last Breath considers 10+ as 7-9: Death gave you a chance to realize yourself, there’s no way to come back to life again without have payed your debt.