Three exciting developments from my home-brew FotF games.

Three exciting developments from my home-brew FotF games.

Three exciting developments from my home-brew FotF games.

1. Class Points (Mettle, Cunning, Favor, Power) can now be burned.

2. Debilities exist on top of burnage, and they require rest in a settlement to get rid of (or special potions or magic items)

3. The following d12 table of “Worse Outcomes, Hard Choices”

1. The impossible happens…

2. Out of the frying pan, into the fire…

3. A new hazard is added to the environment.

4. An ally is now threatened/at a disadvantage

5. Success will require self-sacrifice…

6. Success will cost resources or gear

7. You are disadvantaged. Take -1 forward.

8. Change of location/positioning, for the worse.

9. You missed an important detail.

10. Treasure is sacrificed (new or existing).

11. A new danger replaces the old.

12. You burn or exhaust…

1) Strength

2) Intelligence

3) Wisdom

4) Dexterity

5) Constitution

6) Charisma

7) Luck

8) Lose 1d4 HP instead.

9) Class Points (Favor, Mettle, Power, Cunning)

10) Duration or re-roll

11) Carrying Capacity

12) Roll twice and SUFFER.

In other news, I’ve got one group (Fighter, Magic-User, Cleric, Thief) who are committed to exploring what happens when we push beyond 10th level!

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  1. Alasdair Lawrence Glad you liked it. Here’s another real time saver: my MESSY & FORCEFUL table. When an attack that is messy or forceful damages a character’s HP (as opposed to bouncing off Armor) refer to this table for the mechanic. Do also add the gory details when you tell them what happens.

    1-3 You got lucky this time… but it REALLY hurts.

    4-5 Arrggh! Burn 1d4 +1 pts of a random ability.

    6-7 It damages or destroys some of your gear.

    8-9 You are knocked out or in shock [requires a Saving Throw to come to]

    10 It causes a Debility to a random ability (requiring town rest to remove)

    11 [Debility] + knocked out/ in shock. [Saving Throw ]

    12 [Debility] + gear damaged, knocked/shocked [S.T.]

  2. Maezar Been using your GM Moves charts along with dice rolls to simulate a GM recently. I wanted to ask for your experience with GMless play in two regards:

    1. Deal Damage is one of around 12 potential things the GM does as a Move. Given its randomness have you found there have been less situations where damage is dealt compared to games with a GM making contextual calls?

    2. Regarding “make a move when everyone looks as the GM to see what happens” when does this apply in your game? After someone makes a successful 10+ hit on the orc, does the pause thereafter constitute making a “look at the GM” move?

  3. Alasdair Lawrence I think have some pretty clear answers for you. Would you like to try a Hangout? I also have some new PDFs you can print.

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