Hey Folks!

Hey Folks!

Hey Folks!

I just finished up my second set of video game inspired playbooks, this one comes with The Nameless, a kind of dark fantasy assassin who steals peoples faces, The Hexer, a monster hunting potion brewing badass, and The Soul Tamer, a supernatural monster trainer who seals beasts souls inside their own.

The bundle is already 25% off the price of the books individually but for the next day or so I’m knocking it down to 50%, just for you cool cats. Take a look!


5 thoughts on “Hey Folks!”

  1. Andrea Di Stefano I’ve tried all three of them in play a few times and I’d say that they’re about as balanced as any given third party class – Granted that’s not saying a WHOLE lot, but they all have a niche where they excel and weaknesses to exploit.

    The Hexer is good if they have some time to prep, but rely on items very heavily, the Nameless is devastating outside of combat but in a scrap they’re in trouble. The Soul Tamer is probably at risk of being overpowered, depending on what the player does, but is designed to be weak against humans and non-beasts and anything that sets a trap.

    Thanks for checking them out!

  2. Andrea Di Stefano I will say for sure, the Soul Tamer is an interesting case, it all depends on what the GM feeds them and what the player does with the mechanic. It makes for some interesting play either way. All that said, I’m very upfront that these are strong thematic classes, the focus being on making something that meshed with the video game it inspired with mechanical balance coming second.

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