Hey hey my fellow DW nerds! =D

Hey hey my fellow DW nerds! =D

Hey hey my fellow DW nerds! =D

I need your help!

So some time ago I came across something called “Dragon Blooded”, it was a dragon race compendium class. And it was epic!!

I’m talking super awesome.

I used some of the moves for a character I was playing. However, I lost the information, and it has vanished from the internet. Sad day.

I’m looking for it again because honestly, it was/is super awesome and I loved it. I wanted to use it for a friend… But I can’t remember much about it or find it.

There were also others I didn’t look at, but I do remember there was one like “Giant Blooded” or something rather.

My question and hope is that someone, somewhere knows about it, has it, or can help.

So some quick info on it:

1. It’s called Dragon Blooded (I believe)

2. You start with the ability to shift into your dragon form. you’re about the size of an elephant. You get 3 hold to use for an area attack. After using it you have to rest.

3. You can take a move to get a breath weapon to use a hold as a Volley attack.

4. You can take another move to get wings and the ability to fly.

5. Another move makes you grow even larger.

There were a few others I can’t recall, whcih is the problem.

So please, please if anyone Does have any info on it… Please help.

Feel free to message me privately or link it.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I don’t believe it’s the compendium class you are talking about, but there is a conceptually similar compendium class in the Last Days of Anglekite campaign setting book. It let’s you get wings and breathe fire anyways.

  2. I believe that there is a dragon race in the Dungeon World Guide, available for download on the main site. It also has a a compendium class that you can go into: The Great Wyrm (or something)

  3. Mark Weis that sounds like Emong’s “Dragon” race and “Great Wyrm” compendium class.


    The race gets the moves Bottomless Stomach and Draconic Transformation.

    The Great Wyrm compendium class has the initial move “Sleep on a Pile Of Gold” (which you can take when you next level up after you “knowingly sacrifice or allow significant harm to come to something or someone important to you in the name of avarice”), which unlocks Dragon Magic, Burninating the Countryside, Serpentine Tongue and The Superior Species.

  4. Hey everybody thanks for the quick replies!

    Sadly none of those are what I was looking for. They are close and have some good ideas, so I can probably recreate it from several moves and from my memory.

    The closest I came across while searching was Dragon Ascendant from this link:


    But even this one is significantly different from the one I first found.

    Thanks again! =D

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