Hey everybody!!

Hey everybody!!

Hey everybody!!

So I’m looking to start up a game in any genre via Roll20, so I’m trying to advertise on varying Star World Google groups.

I would really appreciate any interested people messaging me or finding their way to the link 😀

The idea is simple, between the players we will decide which genre to play. Then from there design the story from the ground up. Per usual.

The Untold Story


Hey everybody!

Hey everybody!

Hey everybody!

I wanted to make a gracious thanks for the help you all provided me the other day with my dilemma regarding the final fight for this story arc! It was fantastic and I’ll be sure to let you all know how it goes down!

Now I have a second quandary that I could use some thoughts and advice on… Long story short… I’ve had this campaign idea for Years, and so far it is has been totally awesome watching them chase the Lich.

Now… The “Deity” the Lich worships and is searching for, is a Dimensional Beast that came from far out in space. Think Cthulhu-esc.

And he is attempting to do one of two things…

1) Take that dimensional hop to find signs of him beyond the world they are in… Think a massive futuristic space adventure. Which I think could be really awesome for the story… For it to develop in that fashion. And for something different for a little while. OR…

2) Taking a leap forward through time, which everyone knows is a big no-no. But he is a Lich and would be able to endure it far easier than any mortal. Trying to escape these heroes who have thwarted his attempts at releasing his “Master”. I have a nice chart for rolling up horrible potential outcomes… Whether it’s 10 years or 200 years in the future. Which I imagine since the caster is an NPC… They couldn’t copy or re-open the spell/portal perfectly and there was some kind of alteration…

Anyways… I think both would be awesome! The trouble is, I don’t know how my players would react. Since personally, I think just following the story as it comes would be really cool… But “leaving” the fantasy setting and their current characters could be a huge bummer or mood killer for them. And when I say “leaving their characters” I mean like going from Paladin to an Ace Space Pilot.

Which… I’ve already formulated an epic idea of Why they can do that. Rather than creating new characters for this segment or arc.

So your thoughts would again be greatly appreciated.

Hello fellow Dungeon World lovers!

Hello fellow Dungeon World lovers!

Hello fellow Dungeon World lovers!

So I’ve been running a game for my new RP’er friends for the past year and a half. They are getting to the end of this story arc, and I could use some of your expertise!

I’ll set the stage:

They have been chasing a Lich and trying to put an end to him. They’ve tracked him down to a powerful place called the Hall of Truth. A cavern where Kings and Heroes would go to be judged for their worth and honor. The Lich has had 2 weeks to prepare for their arrival. Using a handful of rituals and runic carvings he has corrupted the Hall.

When the heroes come in they speak the incantation to start the trial (required). The mirrors in a crescent around the Hall release shades that will reveal a dark truth about the heroes past. Something they must face up to and defeat in order to move through the Temple doors.

However, due to the Liches tampering, they won’t be shades. They will be fully realized, independent, and corrupted duplicates of the heroes. His desire is for the duplicates, who are evil and have succumbed to whatever potentially evil powers they could attain (such as the Paladin falling and becoming a Blackguard, or the Hunter succumbing to her evil magical item and turning into a cold-blooded slayer) to replace the characters as his new Lieutenants and Guard. They have all the items, skills, and knowledge (though twisted) of the characters.

My question and request, is to help make this fight difficult and deadly. They have successfully defeated most challenges without really being pushed. Nor have they had a need to really use their powerful magic items up to this point.

Which is potentially my fault (working on it). But any ideas would be greatly appreciated! 😀

Hey hey my fellow DW nerds! =D

Hey hey my fellow DW nerds! =D

Hey hey my fellow DW nerds! =D

I need your help!

So some time ago I came across something called “Dragon Blooded”, it was a dragon race compendium class. And it was epic!!

I’m talking super awesome.

I used some of the moves for a character I was playing. However, I lost the information, and it has vanished from the internet. Sad day.

I’m looking for it again because honestly, it was/is super awesome and I loved it. I wanted to use it for a friend… But I can’t remember much about it or find it.

There were also others I didn’t look at, but I do remember there was one like “Giant Blooded” or something rather.

My question and hope is that someone, somewhere knows about it, has it, or can help.

So some quick info on it:

1. It’s called Dragon Blooded (I believe)

2. You start with the ability to shift into your dragon form. you’re about the size of an elephant. You get 3 hold to use for an area attack. After using it you have to rest.

3. You can take a move to get a breath weapon to use a hold as a Volley attack.

4. You can take another move to get wings and the ability to fly.

5. Another move makes you grow even larger.

There were a few others I can’t recall, whcih is the problem.

So please, please if anyone Does have any info on it… Please help.

Feel free to message me privately or link it.

Thanks for reading!

Hey everybody!

Hey everybody!

Hey everybody! So I made these tri-folds for the basic classes over a year ago, though I’ve been updating and modifying them as I have time or resources (Photoshop and Adobe).

Felt like sharing now that I have them at a point I’m satisfied with.

Note they are for new characters, and are meant for a bit more quick setup. 

I hope you guys like them!


So I really loved the items made by +Jeremy Strandberg and thought the concept was really cool.

So I really loved the items made by +Jeremy Strandberg and thought the concept was really cool.

So I really loved the items made by +Jeremy Strandberg and thought the concept was really cool. Especially going in line with the supplemental magic items released via DriveThruRpg. How magic has or can result in consequences, at least those really powerful ones.

So I created two of my own for my friends who just finished their first story/adventure arc, in their first D&D game ever. So I wanted to treat them with a really special item each. So they get to choose 1 out of 3, the last one being in similar fashion to Jeremy’s. 


Good Morow All

Good Morow All

Good Morow All

This is my first time posting here as well as taking a crack at a DW Class, though I did extensive work on the Urban Shadows Supplement.

So I am curious to get some feed back on it! This is still Semi-Beta, and some of the moves/ideas were borrowed from the Alchemist created by Tony Kelly and Luke Parsons. So thank you to them for the ideas, and I do plan on modifying the moves further to be my own.

The Warden:

The simple and base idea, was that of Groot and Rocket Racoon from Guardians of the Galaxy. Though with a twist. A fairy/other race, bound with a Treant or Spriggan (Skyrim style) to defend the forest. A Warden.

In short, it is a walking garden and Alchemist Kitchen.

The person connected to His/Her treant, receives the abilities and all that comes with the binding. My desire was to focus on the relationship between these two creatures rather than on one or the other. How the relationship changes their counter part.

So without further ado, the links:

Class/Starting Moves: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2X_6NTrzaWRYlRBRk9KTFBPdkU/edit?usp=sharing

Gear/Adv Moves: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2X_6NTrzaWRRTVIUEhsa2RISjA/edit?usp=sharing