8 thoughts on “Has anyone played rolling stats instead of using the array?”

  1. I tried 3d6 (distribute how you desire) Because 4d6 drop lowest creates WAYYYY too high stats for characters to fail, or enjoy having great strengths and crippling weaknesses.

    The big reason is that having stats less than 8 creates a negative modifier. very hard to roll an 8 with 4d6 drop low so I would never reccomend for Dungeon World, D&D is ok with 4d6.

    And finally, characters gain a stat point every level. You could end up with characters that have +3s WAYYYY to early and still have plenty left over.

    Dungeon World works best when characters start with some average stats and at least one weakness otherwise the system would break when it comes to making risky rolls. that and you NEED to fail to level up fast.

    As for how it went for me and the group who tried it? Great fun, the characters with more than 1 weakness stepped up to the challenge and didn’t feel gimped knowing that even a 7-9 could be hard to acheive, and more players aided each other to fufill bonds and give plusses.

    Do this in D&D and players whine about their AC or THAC0 and how their characters suck

  2. Freebooters on the Frontier does 3d6 in order, swap any two of your choice. So does Funnel World.

    Works very well for both of those specific hacks. You get a lot more variety in character competence, and the PCs are a bit (lot) more disposable.

  3. Jeremy Strandberg I have both of those but haven’t played them yet. That is kind of what I expected, that it would end up being a gritty (i.e. deadly) funnel, or a least lean more in that direction.

  4. 2d6+6 will give you pretty similar, but slightly better numbers than the default starting stats. Average stat of 13 vs, 12.1 in the starting set.

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