The Last War happened.

The Last War happened.

The Last War happened.

You survived, but the world died.

It’s all ashes and salt on the ground and that sickly sweet smell choking your lungs.

Until the Whisperwind blows into your head memories of the past.

It’s beautiful. It hurts.

Someday – you hope – this all will end.

7 thoughts on “The Last War happened.”

  1. Thanks! It’s just a dungeon starter i come up with (exam anxiety and boyfriends too far away help a lot for this shit! :D)

    Just take some players, tell them you’re playing in a world in irreversible coma.

    Make characters, ask them the question at the beginning and enjoy seeing them get mad, desperate and kicking in the dust.

  2. That’s a good idea indeed.

    I would suggest to use the Whisperwind to make them go back to the past – so that they may not be really sure whether:

    1) they are working to stop the destruction of the world, and they have visions of a possible future,


    2) the Last War happened, and they have vision of the past, carried as lies from the whisperwind.

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