Hey guys!

Hey guys!

Hey guys! So I have this cleric who I am thinking of multi classing when she hits lvl 10. Does anyone know of good classes that a cleric can go into? She follows a goddess whose name is Shelandra. She is the goddess is of stars, secrets and we have thought to add prophecy in their but not 100% sure if the DM would be ok with that. She is a good aligned cleric so it can’t be something that compromises her morals. I would be thankful for any feedback you can throw at me. Thanks!!

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  1. Bard would be perfectly fine if you want to explore the stars and secrets, get some bardic knowledge, and bonus points for being a wise bard, not the route I see most characters take.

    As for what moves you keep from Cleric, having spells never hurt, and the arcane art could narrow down the spells prepared since healing and damage buff are already part of the package.

    Unless some of your advanced moves and details REALLY conflict, I would go Bard. What do you think?

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