12 thoughts on “So what’s a good superhero pbta game that is closest to dungeon world in its mechanics?”

  1. Worlds in peril , already in stores, is a generic superhero pbta game.

    Masks , still to be released, is a young heroes themed pbta game.

    IMHO, Masks is more friendly to players and GMs out there. Is more guided, and got a clear focus.

    On the other hand, World in Peril is a better overall game, but need more compromise from players. It would shine in a group that loves superhero comics and films. Full freedom on character creation got a cost, in this case a “better” game but “harder” to play.

  2. Yeah, I would agree : we found Worlds in Peril’s character generation very difficult – defining powers is really confusing and in the end, after several sessions trying to define things properly, the game fell by the wayside.

  3. Our group had the same experience as Drew Harpunea. I also did not like the damage condition system. Labeling each condition felt too gritty for most superhero fiction. Having to assign the severity of each condition on PCs based on fictional positioning felt too arbitrary.

    EDIT: We are currently playing Masks and having a much better time.

  4. My personal opinion: I haven’t hit a ptba supers game that emulates the mechanical choices made in something like Dungeon World or Monster of the Week. Masks playbooks are fantastic, but the conflict rules don’t sync with my brain, I guess, and the damage system is basically gm/group fiat (which after years of Amber Diceless, I’m very over). Worlds in Peril uses conflict rules I grok, but as others have noted, the chargen and ongoing use of powers is so fuzzy it gets in the way of play.

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