11 thoughts on “Casting a spell.”

  1. yeah, pick from the list. A 7-9 is still a success just with a complication or cost. GM moves are reserved for misses and are complications and costs that don’t go the player’s way at all.

  2. Monte Lin however when the player picks “draw attention” from the list then the GM basically makes a move of their choice directed at that character. 

  3. The GM can still make a move if their choice presents a Golden Opportunity.

    Example: player is casting against a reality shaping entity from a different plane and chooses “disturbs the fabric of reality” from the list. Well that’s a Golden Opportunity to do something neat.

  4. Also it usually goes like that: 

    Player rolls and gets a 7-9. Chooses on option (let’s say they forget the spell) 

    Now someone, most likely GM and player together in some sense describe how the spell happens. 

    Then it is time for the GM to say something again and as everyone is looking at them, they get have to make a move. 

  5. We had this conversation in another post recently, so I’ll present the same question I had there out of curiosity… what about choosing “spend 1 ammo” on a 7-9 from Volley? Does nothing happen in that case, or do you still do something fictionally as a GM? I would assume more along the lines of soft move vs. hard move, but the scenario is the same.

  6. So you shoot a whole lot of your arrows at the oncoming dire-bats, some of them go down; felled by your arrows but then they are past you circling Kanjina. What do you do? 

  7. Damian Jankowski Keep in mind the flow of the conversation in PBTA. After a PC performs any action the GM describes the new situation. In other words, you make a move after every single action the PCs take. 6- and 7-9 rolls are basically just a license to make that move harder than otherwise.

    So in the Volley case, yes you do make a move. But they didn’t choose to place themselves in danger so be respectful of that and do something else. Instead, perhaps put a different character in a spot, or be nice and present an opportunity instead.

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