Hi there!

Hi there!

Hi there! I’d want to share with you the last item I wrote. It was great if you tell me everything you think about it: good things, bad things. EVERYTHING, no mercy, please, I ‘ve to learn ^^. I also apologise for grammar mistakes, I’m an italian guy who tries to do his best 😀 Enjoy!

Phalanx of Black Gate

A phalanx hooked and pearly used as a stylus is able to write everywhere, the font will change according to the surface (can magically affect the wood, use a bloody ink on paper, create little eddies in the water).

When you decide to use the Phalanx for the first time, say a word that identifies what the character wants most in the world, even the most hidden desire. ONLY a word.

Then write the name of a person and rolls:

with 10+ take 3. with 7-9 take 1. 

You can spend the grabs, 1 to 1, at any time to:

-kill, even at a distance, outright, that person. GM will know how.

-Get help, even in the most desperate situation, from this person

-Get in the body of this person. Return to your body means spending the remaining grabs. With a 7-9, you return into your body when you use again the Falange

-teleport yourself instantly in front of that person

-teleport that person instantly in front of  you

Writing a new name means  giving up the previous grabs.

Whenever you write a name, a letter of the word chosen at first will be marked on your body.

When your desire is entirely branded on your body and you have to roll on Last Breath considers 10+ as 7-9: Death gave you a chance to realize yourself, there’s no way to come back to life again without have payed your debt.

6 thoughts on “Hi there!”

  1. Seems really powerful.  And how do we know when the desire is branded in its entirety?  Is it like; “I want to rule Parsantium as king”?  Mean each time it is used, one word of the sentence is written upon the character’s body?  

  2. nope. Your desire MUST be formulated as a single word: it could be “Power” “authority” “wealth” and stuff alike. Each time you use the phalanx, a letter of this word is branded on you 🙂

  3. Ah!  Sorry, I just couldn’t quite grasp that.  Now I get it.  It is a really interesting idea.  I like it a lot and might steal it.  

  4. It is such a great DARK sword and sorcery artifact.  In the hands of an ambitious noble or power hungry wizard… I might use it as a catalyst for an adventure.  That it is in the hands of a “bad” guy and the PCs need to recover it before he or she uses it for bad intent.  

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