14 thoughts on “There’s a faerie market in the woods, maybe once a month or so.”

  1. Walk deep into the woods. Put on a blindfold. Take a few hesitant steps, turn to your left, take a few more, turn to your right, then walk boldly. If you are confident, you will know where to turn. If you make a mistake and walk into a tree, take the blindfold off and begin again. When you have walked far enough, drop a few coppers from your left hand. If you hear them clink in a beggar’s bowl, take the blindfold off; you have arrived at the market.

  2. Any fool or child can take you to the market by listening for the bird that calls their name and following it.

    To get in, you must prove you have something of value to be used as currency at the market: a new or lost ballad, a tear of lost teenage love, the first diamond cut by a new dwarven jeweler., or somesuch.

  3. They say you should never go to bed angry. Or sad. Or with any sort of heavy heart. They say this, not because you may not wake up, as people are wont to think. No, it is because those things are currency to some.

    You find the market in your dreams, as long as you can pay the price of entry.

  4. Finding the market? oh, that’s easy. you simply walk into the forest until you trip. If there was nothing to trip over, it was a faerie.

    The problem, of course, is getting in, because, you see, it’s invisible until they let you in. How do they let you in? You just wait until they try to sell you something. When they do, you must give them the proper amount of money to buy it, it doesn’t matter what it is (it really doesn’t, you can’t see it or its price!)

  5. The entrance is right at the edge of the forest near a large population center. The path to it is well marked and easily travelled for anyone who has been there before. The faeries aren’t stupid, a market needs customers.

    If you haven’t been there before though, it’s of course entirely invisible. So how do you get there the first time? You could manage it out of dumb luck, but if you ask a faerie (the market is no secret, they need customers after all) they’ll tell you that you need to make a bonfire from the branches of a still living treant, dance around it naked smeared with the dung of a razor boar, wearing a necklace of cockatrice teeth. Not because any of that’s necessary, but because they’ll follow you the whole time you try to get that stuff together laughing themselves silly. If you manage to survive, or if the comedy becomes too much for them, they’ll teleport you to the market. The faeries aren’t stupid, but they are assholes.

  6. Make Camp, probly build a small little tribe in the woods. Go on Daily Hunts for food and wait for the Relocating Fairy Market to pop up right in front of them. If not, they can live a peaceful life in the forest, plenty food, booze, and women/men; which ever is preferred. 

  7. The only way to arrive is be getting truly getting lost (failing an undertake a perilous journey). Once they do, they encounter a gnome that will pose a riddle that if they answer correctly they can undertake a journey and if they make the roll they arrive, otherwise they will keep encountering the gnome everytime they miss

  8. What a fun concept.  I’m purposely not reading any of the above.  You have to get a “Golden Leaf”, which will draw you towards the market.  The way one gets a “Golden Leaf” is to leave offerings under the biggest tree you can find for miles.  If the faerie messengers deem the gift worthy… you get a ticket.  

    Golden Leaf offering

    2-6  Oh, you get a ticket, but you’ve gained the enmity of the Fae.  Its a trap!  Your gift was not only unworthy, some high muckety-muck Fae took offense.  

    7-9:  You get the Golden Leaf, but other parties (non-Fae) covet your ticke t and will try to take it away.  

    10+:  You get the Golden Leaf and the way becomes clear to the market.  Your gift was so pleasing, a Fae guide appears to help pave the way.  

  9. A. Kick a Fairy in the Dick till he tells you. Sometimes just threatening works.

    B. Catch a Will-o-Wisp and drain it’s essence. Mix this with Sugar Plums, tears of young child, Fae Blood, mistletoe, and Crow scat… Drink with a chaser of Mead… 

  10. Draw your own map to the market. The map as to be drawn while standing at a crossroad and burned under the moonlight the day before the market (which is always the day after full moon).

    The day of the market, go into the woods following your map by memory. When you reach your destination, turn back from where you came.

    You’ll find yourself in the market.

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