Dark Souls inspired boss #DIEandDIE

Dark Souls inspired boss #DIEandDIE

Dark Souls inspired boss #DIEandDIE

Leere-Hünd Legion (Geist-Warden)

Once allies of the Gravelords, they slay their kin for the taste of Souls

HP: 30      armor: 3, Blight-scorched 2 (Void-stained leather)

Damage: 2d6+1 (Legion Greatsword; brutal, forceful, reach)

Moves (varies 1-3):

Calamity: Whirlwind of Blades: All fallen creatures rise in a blitz that lashes out at all Gravelords, Seek Adversity 7-9 for ½ damage

·       Close the distance with inhuman speed

·       Strike all nearby with undead agility

·       Raise a fallen Leere-Hünd to join the fray (10 hp, when making a move roll 1d6, on a 3- it engages an ally Leere-Hünd)

·       Infuse a Blade with corrupted Funeral Pyre Ash (+3 Fire damage)