Hexploration Moves

Hexploration Moves

Hexploration Moves

Riffing on both the Perilous Journey move and the great supplement by Jason Lutes, I’ve written two moves to enhance overland exploration – not just travel.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance!


When you spend your days traveling outdoors and rely on good weather, roll +LUC (or, roll +nothing) to determine how many weather aspects below will change by one step. On a hit, the weather continues to be in your favor; on a 7-9 choose two weather aspects that you may change one step each; on a 10+ choose three aspects. (Alternate: 7-9 choose two aspects that the DM may change; 10+ choose one). On a miss, the DM can describe a severe or extreme weather occurrence. 

* Temperature: Frigid, cold, chilly, mild, warm, hot, sweltering. 

* Clouds: Clear, hazy, overcast, cloudy, thunderheads. 

* Winds: Calm, breezy, windy, stormy. 

* Humidity: Dry, humid, foggy, drizzle/sleet, shower/snowflakes, Downpour/blizzard. 


When you explore dangerous and unknown lands for the purpose of making maps, hold 3 Hexploration per day. Spend 1 hold to perform any of the following actions before needing to Make Camp for the day:

* Travel to an adjacent hex as a Perilous Journey

* Explore the current hex and make a Discovery; or

* Take a Short Rest (i.e., spend some down time, consume a ration, heal your hit dice)

One thought on “Hexploration Moves”

  1. I think the weather move is too granular Matt.  Most folks just want to know if the weather is good, bad or downright nasty.

    Maybe something like:

    Choose or discern the likely weather for this terrain in this season: Fine / Calm / Inclement / tumultuous.

    When you attempt a daily forecast roll +WIS 

    On a hit tell us the character of the weather for today. (Sunny / Cloudy / Rainy) On a 10+ choose 2, on a 7-9 choose 1.

    ~There are no severe weather warnings in the signs

    ~The Likely Weather remains the same

    ~Take 1 forward to a roll affected by the weather.

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