9 thoughts on “DIE and DIE, a Souls inspired DW hack, version 1”

  1. This looks interesting. I see some things that may need clarification or revision.

    Firstly, a 10+ on Slash & Bash grants the choice of absorbing a blow. What is the purpose of this? If you succeed in hitting your opponent, why would you choose to also take a blow yourself for seemingly no benefit and end up reducing your armor value?

    Next, I’m a bit puzzled by Ranged Ruination. How do non-ranged/non-attack spells work? Do they just use seeker of adversity? And what is catalyst/relic damage? No stats are ever given for catalysts or relics, but in the magic section it says better versions can be found that grant bonuses to rolls.

    Consumables can stack to 3. Some items whose effects seem render them consumable are listed in basic items, but are found as individual items while other items have 3 uses listed next to them. Do individual items stack to 3? Do items with 3 uses listed stack to 3 as well, or are they considered to already be a stack of 3?

    Miasma says is weakens enemies, making them reroll damage. Without stating that they take the worse result, this could lead to higher damage, which doesn’t make much sense for a weakened enemy.

    The second part of magic beacon is unclear about how it works. How does one go about breaking any found enchantments? Seeker of adversity?

    True strike has a discrepancy in terminology. It grants a bonus to volley, which has been incorporated into ranged ruination.

  2. Rad Nomad hey thanks for checking this out!

    slash and bash, just like the original H&S, lets you opt to receive an attack in exchange for dealing an extra d6 of damage when rolling a 10+. “absorb the blow” is a reminder that armor can be used in this instance.  will clarify

    For other spells one would simply roll+Int or Faith with similar results, DM fiat.  Seeker of adversity certainly works if one wishes

    Items that already come in groups of 3 do not stack. will clarify

    Miasma could be more clear, but as you note it would not make sense to do more damage. hopefully the DM has common sense

    some wording is intentionally left vague for the purpose of letting those playing put their own faculties and creativity to use as well as convey a sense of mystery, a theme of the Souls series; Seeker of Adversity is certainly a valid choice for Magic Beacon. 

    this “sense of mystery” also applies to concepts such as other catalysts or relics or refer to the services a blacksmith might demand.

    oops on the use of volley! old habits and all.

    Thanks for these few questions/edits! will take note for future versions!

  3. I only mentioned catalyst and relic stats because ranged ruination says to deal your catalyst/relic damage when you successfully cast a spell. Is that just meant to be the spell’s damage?

  4. Rad Nomad yep, thanks for the catch! it really helps to get some fresh eyes on it.

    really do appreciate you taking the time, its just hard to let my baby out into the world, haha!

  5. Do you think it would bloat the game too much to add Covenants?

    Something like:

    Heralds of the Glorious Sun

    A dwindling league of knights and priests from the North. Together they await the coming dawn of an age renewed.

    To remain in the covenant you must praise the sun. Use of dark arts is blasphemy.

    You hold +1 to aiding an ally, to spend in a time of need. However, you carry -1 forward whenever you act alone.

    With or without the downside.

    You could even make them lighter in touch than that, like:

    When you join a covenant, you gain allies within it. They are likely to aid you in your quests, in return for loyalty and fealty to the proper concept.


    What if covenants are gangs, as per the Monsterhearts rules?

  6. Which in a nutshell is:

    When your gang is with you, deal 1 more harm.

    You can easily get your gang to do things for you, but they’ll have a price in return.

    Plus, there is something that always entices them to action, whether you want them to or not.

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