I think a lot of us are now looking for #DarkestDungeonWorld.

I think a lot of us are now looking for #DarkestDungeonWorld.

I think a lot of us are now looking for #DarkestDungeonWorld. And I think there are lots of bits out there among some other hacks and games that could be plugged in to create it.  Suggest them here, and then perhaps we can try stitching them together into the tortured abomination that would be a DDW hack.

Sources of rules and inspiration

(I’ll aggregate other suggestions here):

Blades in the Dark – Stress, Vices, restoring the Hamlet, probably other things

Blades Against Darkness – A forthcoming BitD kickstarter stretch goal, being a reskin for dungeon crawls  #BladesAgainstDarkness

Funnel World – Low level brutality, multiple characters

Stonetop – Hamlet building rules

Grim World – GM advice, other inspiration

Grim World‘s FATE hack – Encourages RPing character’s compulsions

Class Warfare -To approximate DD classes

AW Harm Hack – More visceral than HP (http://story-games.com/forums/discussion/19273/a-descriptive-damage-hack-for-dungeon-world-world-of-dungeons and http://ihousenews.pbworks.com/w/file/fetch/63408904/Apocalypse%20harm.pdf)

Peter J’s Stress Ruleshttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1o-YB25GW0S0aJEzyjgj00BgQkQQla_DLYPK5rlqboA0/edit

inverted “Steel” variant: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TuMFmEMG4I7Bzzc_OfmZgaq0cRR9fLmA80MXtlF7Gy8/edit

Deathtrap Dungeon World articles – (http://www.critical-hits.com/blog/tag/deathtrap-dungeon-world/)

24 thoughts on “I think a lot of us are now looking for #DarkestDungeonWorld.”

  1. And oh man, do I wish we could get cardboard standup characters with DD’s art (and want to print my own, but sooo much black ink).  Not sure how well they’d be used in a DW hack, but geez… so good.

  2. Anlumo said :

    “The difference between RPGs and Darkest Dungeon is that in the latter, you’re not playing a character, you’re only telling them what to do. If they refuse because they’ve become paranoid or something similar, you’re annoyed at this character and move on.

    In RPGs, you have a representation in the game world. You don’t tell a character what to do, youare the character. If your character doesn’t do something because of this mechanic (like “roll a d% to check whether your character accepts the healing potion given by another party member while he’s at 1HP”), there’s a disconnect between these two, removing the immersion. I’m sure that there are players out there who can cope with that and integrate it smoothly into their internal image of the PC, but I believe that many people can’t do that and just treat it as an intrusion of the game system into the way they see their character.”

    I agree, and would take this into strong consideration when you develop moves and resource consequences.

  3. My own(amateur) way of doing lights in a way similar to darkest dungeon would be making a custom move, something along the lines of:

    When you light your torch for a descent into darkness, roll 2d6 *On a 10+ hold 3 *On a 7-9, hold 1 *On a miss, temporary comfort is the only thing the light offers. You may spend hold 1 for 1, to choose an option:

    *Illuminate unseen sights, treasures, or enemies

    *Prevent your torch from being extinguished prematurely 

    *Fend off your enemies with flame, taking +1 forward to the next hack and slash roll against that enemy

    *Reduce stress taken by X(If some sort of stress rules existed in this imaginary hack)

  4. Something that makes Marching Order significant is something else I haven’t seen but might be interesting, especially to emphasize the claustrophobia of tight passages.

  5. Peter J​​, awesome stuff dude!


    -Loving the new moves, adds allot

    -Stress instead of say “Sanity” plays into what I like in a game. However…. Not so much with DW.

    Why Stress conflicts with DW, and Sanity would be a better choice:

    -Rolling low is kinda hard to do and feels unnatural in DW.

    – 2d6 isn’t linear, so the odds of bad stuff quickly gets out of hand even when you have 2 stress, let alone 5+.

    My suggestions:

    -Change stress into Sanity and use modifiers like those we use for STR, etc.

    -or keep stress, use modifiers like STR etc, and move your failure for “Steal yourself” higher

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