What is your single favorite Dungeon World “Adventure”?

What is your single favorite Dungeon World “Adventure”?

What is your single favorite Dungeon World “Adventure”? This could be an Adventure, Conversion, Dungeon Starter, Adventure Starter, etc. Why?

As an example I pick the overwhelming popular Indigo Galleon: https://0793590a-a-62cb3a1a-s-sites.googlegroups.com/site/legacyjohnzocontent/indigo-galleon.pdf?attachauth=ANoY7cpxfFdsSlnlqxnBBO4VhkGxtjabLdfaUsPY8vvKT54Xwog

The reason is that if you put any more adventure on those few pages; then space-time itself might rupture

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  1. Not sure what this means: I’ve downloaded and saved most of your Adventure Starters, and mined them for ideas, but never fully run one because it doesn’t “click” with me. However, I would run Indigo Galleon easily and am even considering doing it this weekend (as long as I can get the party side-tracked from their quest enough to hit a coast, heh).

    Indigo Galleon starts up front with exactly what you need: here’s the situation and here’s some fronts. You could even just use that. But the following page drills down into the detailed locations and stats if needed. It’s a wonderful way to prevent an adventure.

    Edit: PS this link is better http://john.aegard.com/indigo-galleon.pdf

  2. Aaron Griffin Really I’m looking for feedback for players on published adventures. What’s useful in general? Why do people like Indigo Galleon?

    The most popular Dungeon World adventures vary widely in format. Marshall Miller’s Dungeon Starters are a useful format. What should an “adventure starter” or a “dungeon starter plus” look like? Fonts? Maps?

    How many more pages will GMs accept for more material? 

  3. “The Shipwreck” (sadly I’m not certain who to attribute it to) is short, kinetic, and drops you straight into the action. I’ve run it three times for different groups, and it’s been consistently superfun.

  4. I am just teasing you. I don’t know many titles. Sorry. I like the adventure of Lich Drazhu. Its a lot of fun Mark Tygart​ and your starters are cool most of them.

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