In case you haven’t seen this elsewhere on your feeds.

In case you haven’t seen this elsewhere on your feeds.

In case you haven’t seen this elsewhere on your feeds. This is such an amazing deal. I’ve already got over half of these items and it’s still a good deal.

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Through Monday, January 25 we bring you Dungeon World +2, a new sequel to our hit December 2014 bundle featuring the Apocalypse Engine fantasy RPG Dungeon World from Sage Kobold Productions. This new collection presents many fine recent supplements and “fronts” (adventure templates). For just US$6.95 you get all five titles in our Starter Collection (retail value $42) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks:

Dungeon World (Sage Kobold Productions, retail price $10): The complete 450-page Apocalypse Engine fantasy game that can transform your FRPG gaming.

Iron Edda: World of Metal and Bone (Exploding Rogue Games, retail $15): Giant metallic destroyers in the realm of Scandinavian myth. A conversion of the original Fate game Iron Edda, War of Metal and Bone, presented in our November 2014 Bundle of Fate +2.

Plague of Storms (Certain Death, retail $8): Six competing stormlords bring chaos to the Redwater Valley, and only heroes can quell the (literal) rising tide.

The Green Scar (Joe Banner, retail $5): Three complete steampunk-fantasy adventures in, around, and above lush jungles.

Dangerous Space Jail (Encoded Designs, retail $4): A race against time to infiltrate and defeat a floating fortress.

And if you pay more than the threshold (average) price, which is set at $16.95 to start, you level up and also get our entire Bonus Collection with five more titles (retail value $63):

The Perilous Wilds (Lampblack & Brimstone, retail $8): The acclaimed guide to outdoor adventures by the designer of Servants of the Cinder Queen.

The Last Days of Anglekite (Magpie Games, retail $10): Dying-earth atmosphere pervades this weird-fantasy setting threatened by catastrophic powers. Includes a 27-page art book.

Grim World (Boldly Games, retail $15): A messy and brutal setting full of gruesome beasts and dark plots, where heroes definitely need their awesome Death Moves.

Inverse World (Jacob Randolph, retail $15): Exotic adventure across the vast hollow at the center of your own campaign world, a sky-sea of flying monsters and steampunk contraptions.

Wizard-Spawned Insanities (Red Box Vancouver, retail $15): A colorful monster manual by the creators of Terrors of the Ancient World.

That’s a US$105 value for a bargain price — take all the money you save and invest in iron rations and a good 10-foot pole. Plus, ten percent of your payment (after gateway fees) goes to this offer’s designated charity, Doctors Without Borders. And if you buy now, you’ll automatically receive any supplements we add later.

But the Countdown Clock is ticking — this Dungeon World +2 offer ends Monday, January 25.

7 thoughts on “In case you haven’t seen this elsewhere on your feeds.”

  1. Skipping over Dungeon World:

    Iron Edda is a Norse magical mecha game. I haven’t read through the DW version of the rules, but the Fate version was nifty. Neat little idea for a funky campaign, basically.

    Perilous Wilds gives a bunch of material on making outdoor adventures and journeys more exciting. Haven’t had a chance to dig through those files yet, but the graphic design and art are top-notch and I’m excited for it.

    Last Days of Anglekite is a setting/adventure premise of a world coming to an end, basically. It plays around with some weird ideas, and includes some general moves that connect directly to the ending of the world.

    Grim World is a grim dark expansion, basically, with a bunch of new classes, races, monsters, items, and other odds and ends. The big schtick (other than the new thematic classes) is everyone gets a death move that they can use to make sure they have a major impact on the campaign when they’re taken out, so no chump death, basically.

    Inverse World is a setting (and classes, etc.) about being on the inside of a sphere with the sun in the middle. Lots of floating rocks to live on and sky ship kind of stuff. I quite enjoyed it.

    The other titles (Plague of Storms, Green Scar, Space Jail, Insanities) I don’t have, and those are the ones I’m personally curious about.

  2. Green Scar is an adventure, complete with location (and I believe some decent maps), multiple fronts and dangers, hallucinations…  it’s been a while, but I remember quite liking it.   Can’t speak to the others… haven’t had a chance to read them yet.

    Iron Edda is actually a full-blown hack, not just an expansion.  Different stats, basic moves, etc. Haven’t played it, but it seemed well executed.  

  3. Plague of Storms is a campaign framework (written by me, in the interests of full disclosure) which sets up a charged situation and invites the player characters to set it rolling downhill. It’s not a complete campaign or adventure path because DW doesn’t work that way, but it should hopefully provide enough material to make GMing easier without constraining the game any.

    For my money the stand-out parts of the deal (apart from Plague of Storms, obv. =P ) are Last Days of Anglekite and Inverse World, which are both amazingly creative settings, and Perilous Wilds, which is just super-useful.

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