3 thoughts on “Just a collage of each of the core classes I’m working on.”

  1. Hmmm, unique styles that I’m not used to seeing. I see one of each: Sage or wizard, Knight or Cavalier, Cleric or Priestess, Rogue of some sort, Bard, Berserker or Viking, Archer or Ranger, and some dark looking people. Very cool drawings, what are the classes called, and will we get a sneak peak? 😛

  2. Ah the classes in the picture are the Paladin in gold, the Fighter in black armor with the pig faced grand bascinet, the cleric in black with the grail mace, the rogue in a purple cloak, the wizard with the eye patch, the bard in the rainbow tunic, the barbarian with the flail, the ranger in brown, the druid with the dear skull, and the immolator on fire.,

    I actually posted and got some feedback on the new moves I was working on for my campaign a while back. They were all converted from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Skills and Powers players option. 

    And Samuel Bogumill I too really like knights : ) Glad we’re on the same page about how cool knights are.

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