I like to use “first” Items in my Campaigns.

I like to use “first” Items in my Campaigns.

I like to use “first” Items in my Campaigns. They are the first ever created version of something so everything else is merely a Shadow of their power. They are really rare and of course only one of each exist. Most of them are Powerful but also to Powerful to control for a long time.

the first Dagger (hand, finesse, ignores Armor, +1D10 Damage if used to backstab)

This Dagger is merely a sharp Flint with Leather wrapped around it. It absorbs any Blood that comes into contact with it.

Any Time you spill Blood with it Roll (no Mod)

10+ = You get +1 ongoing on Rolling the Spill Blood Roll until you Rest.

7-9 = You get a Bloodlust and have to attack again as soon as possible

6- = You have to kill the most powerful Person you see

i have some more of them if you like  but first this one 😉

5 thoughts on “I like to use “first” Items in my Campaigns.”

  1. Yeah, I also had the first island as a God in my campaign. He was a big Vulcano-Island in a Sea of Fog. He whispered his word through the Caves.

    The female Paladin of the Game had him as her God.

  2. Vincent Shine 

    Seems like the ‘first’ tag would be good for  ‘prehistoric’ weapons found in the ruins of old civilizations. Is that what you’re going for? What’s your setting like? 

  3. Yeah, they are primarly for prehistoric items but things like “the first sword” can also be from the Bronce-Age.

    The Setting is often times different because i like to build it in unison with my players. I only have a couple of elements that are there most of the time: the Items are similar and the Races for the most part.

    I also like the Idea of a Animistic World where magic items are like living beings with their own will and the Players can interact with the Spirits of the Land even if they are Aeons old. Thats why these prehistoric Items are no Problem.

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