Backer character portraits complete!

Backer character portraits complete!

Backer character portraits complete!

All of these guys were generated using the Freebooters on the Frontier rules. The ratio of character classes is spot-on (out of 15 total characters, 2 are Thieves, 2 are Clerics, and 1 is a Magic-User), but there’s a high number of elves (3), a couple of dwarves, and no halflings at all. At least half the fighters have higher DEX than STR, so I gave them bows or crossbows as their favored weapons. The male:female ratio ended up 6:9.

Top row: Cebredith the Thief, Kendrik the Fighter, Wilona the Fighter. 

2nd row: Lómithrania the Magic-User, Teon the Fighter, Nyle the Fighter, Ware the Thief.

3rd row: Mora the Fighter, Ara the Cleric, Loilis the Fighter, Gorfinia the Fighter.  

Bottom row: Ara the Fighter, Mora the Fighter, Calór the Fighter, Fignus the Cleric.  

3 thoughts on “Backer character portraits complete!”

  1. I’ve been considering them to be backer property, so I had no plans to do anything with them beyond this image. But I could see doing more of these in the future. What sort of format would be useful to you?

  2. My custom character sheets also have an alternate version where the sketch is tall enough to fit a full portrait. @ 300 dpi, that’s about 500 pixels tall per portrait. I’d pay $$ in to a Kickstarter to have a book of hundreds of great portraits like these.

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