22 thoughts on “Here’s a short guide I wrote for introducing my players to Dungeon World.”

  1. There are even more classes lol. Your guide is pretty good and short. Maybe add something about rolling high is usually better? I picked up something at Dexcon called ‘When you read and understand Dungeon World, Roll +Int..” and it’s a great intro but it’s too long to just hand to the player. Intros need to be short and quick so they can read and start :D.

  2. Holy Mackerel that’s a lot of classes you are offering. What are the two versions of the Monk you are offering? Running a DW game soon and monk is my nephew’s favorite class, trying to find a good one (More brawl, less spiritual.)

  3. David Schirduan I like your idea. I have lots of cards for various games. My players seem to not be very imaginative so visual aides might help 😀

  4. John Alexander These are not all my classes! I stole a bunch of them from the internet, and purchased a few others….I went a bit DW crazy when I first started playing it.

    I don’t know where the monks are, but you can probably find them in this community if you search for it.

  5. I am very much a fan of over-the topic, zany, fun filled action games (just look at Mythic Mortals). So I don’t really care for balance, continuity, or worldbuilding. As such, any class that is fun to play, and doesn’t frustrate the other players, is welcome at my table.

    That being said, a lot of these classes are pretty unique, and many will NOT fit in a traditional tolkein fantasy universe. I also make it clear at the table that I hold veto power, and if a class has something that I don’t like, I get to change it. To balance that out, I do my very best to change my game and my world before I mess with the characters of my players.

  6. I’ve looked at several variants of the monk. That’s why I was curious as to which ones you were using. Currently It looks as if I’m going to tinker something up for my nephew, but still looking around for one that might scratch that itch.

  7. OH! well, There is one version of the monk that involves paths (where you pick the path of silence, the path of poverty, etc etc.) That one is my favorite, but not very combat oriented.

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