Hey guys

Hey guys

Hey guys,

Looking to get some feedback on my magic items. Some are more useful than others, but I can only imagine what the players will do with them.

Sharpened Collar Bone

Blood will guide you…

Drip your blood onto the bone (1d4 damage) and you can ask it a question. It will point you in the direction of one existing answer. 

The Meat Hook

Is this edible…?

Instead of consuming a ration, you may use the meat hook to produce one meal’s worth of random meat.

Book of Regrets

My only regret is using this book…

Force someone to share one of their regrets, but reveal one of yours.

The Empty Vial

What’s the opposite of urine…?

Liquid that enters this vial becomes opposite in nature e.g. water to lava, blood to poison, honey to swamp water etc.

Relic of Weeping

Make it rain, literally…

This artifact can generate rain on a wide area or specific spot for several hours.

Skull of Inevitability

All time is burrowed…

Store one sustained wound which must return to its owner in the future.


8 thoughts on “Hey guys”

  1. I like all of these ideas!  Atmospheric, interesting pieces.  My own taste runs toward adding a bit more physical description: a Relic can be anything, so what kind of relic?  What’s engraved on the Vial?  What shape is the Book?

    A couple seem like they might still need a bit more work.

    Vial:  Not sure how I’d administer this.  What is the opposite of urine? What are the opposites of beer, wine, tea, coffee, milk, or tincture of wormwood? Do tears have a different opposite than seawater?  It seems to invite keeping an increasing list of what was discovered to be the opposite of everything, but that feels like bookkeeping, not magic.  There’s probably a better way to handle it?

    Skull:  How/when does the wound return?  Presumably at an inconvenient time. Does the owner of the skull get a move to try to control it, or is it random?  Is there some way to tempt the owner into bad decisions about accumulated wounds? 

  2. Hans Messersmith​ Great idea. I’ll work on that.

    colin roald​

    With the vial, I was thinking more conceptually, almost emotionally. Something pleasant turns into something horrible. That or it depends on the user e.g. if you dislike coffee, it will turn into something you like. I don’t particularly want play it stricly with each items always equating to another.

    Skull, if they don’t discharge it at the next downtime, I get to pick when, or make hints that it’ll be soon. Should include that in the description. Could also make it a Con check to see if they can discharge the damage.

    Cheers, guys.

  3. Here’s the Random Meat Table;

    Roll a d20;

    1. Rancid Undead Offal

    2. Maggot Infested Dragon Liver

    3. Sour Goblin Rump

    4. Well-Cooked Human Flesh

    5. Surstromming

    6. Goat Pancreas

    7. Miscellaneous Tripe

    8. Massive Grub, Still Wriggling

    9. Few Days Old Trout

    10.  Bits of Pigeon

    11.  Cow Head, Shocked Expression

    12.  Bottom Half of a Rat

    13.  A Mangled Crab

    14.  Burned Beef

    15.  Dry Duck

    16.  Bacon Strips

    17.  Spice Rubbed Halibut

    18.  Cider Pork

    19.  Slow Cooked Lamb, Minted

    20.  Ambrosial Meat 

  4. I really do like the vial idea.  I think I might use it in this form:

    Lava flask

    A somewhat fragile ancient glass flask, holding about a gill.  Rainwater poured into the flask will, over the course of a minute or so, be transformed to basaltic lava.  The outside of the flask remains cool to the touch.

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