Hey everybody

Hey everybody

Hey everybody,

I just sent a note out to all backers, but in case you miss it, I have about 12 days left before I need to send The Perilous Wilds, Freebooters on the Frontier, and A Book of Beasts to the printer. So if you have any feedback about those first two books (ABoB is going through private proofing and editing), now’s the time to share.

I’m tweaking stuff daily, and still playtesting on a weekly basis, but please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions while this window remains open!


5 thoughts on “Hey everybody”

  1. Dylan Green, Establish has been replaced by Recall, but I’m still torn.

    JD Stockford, thanks, I think I fixed those in my current draft will double check.

    Paolo Greco, check your Dropbox backer folder, should be in there. Latest backer draft is 7-6-2015.

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