Mega congrats on the KS.

Mega congrats on the KS.

Mega congrats on the KS. Read thru the preview rules and love it so far. You nailed the “OSR-pastiche-via-PbtA-rules” better than DW RAW.

Can you clarify how spells work for magic-users with an example? I’m not clear on when you define parameters (upon inscribing to my book, each morning when I memorize, or per casting), and if those remain set presuming you don’t forget your spell when it’s cast. And is looting ancient grimoires in the course of adventuring the only way to add spells to your book (until you level up enough to take the spell research move)? 

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  1. Hi Marshall —

    Thanks, I’m happy to hear you like what you see so far.

    You define a given spell’s parameters anew each time you cast it, as noted under the “Spellbook” move in the Magic-user playbook:

    Each time you cast a spell, you start with full power and spend it to increase aspects of the spell.

    That’s maybe not as clear as it could be.

    In playtesting we have found that, since you can define a spell each time you cast it, spellcasting is pretty flexible, but players tend to find an application they like and stick to that unless the situation calls for something else. In other words, Magic-Users tend to develop a “go-to” version of each spell, and tweak it as needed.

    You are correct in that the only way to add spells to your spellbook is to find new ones in the world. How that happens is up to the Judge and players. In our current game, the Magic-User made the “Establish” move to declare that the local curiosity shop sometimes trafficked in spell scrolls, and then made the “Get Lucky” move to find a scroll in stock. She spent her hard-earned coin to buy it, learned (via random roll) that it held the secrets to “Munnohulik’s Entangling Aether,” and spent a week inscribing it in her spellbook. Maybe tonight we’ll get to see what it does.

    Hope that answers your questions! 

  2. This take on magic is one of the crown jewels of the KS, IMO. I already knew I was going to join the Kickstarter, but when I read the brief description of FotF’s spell system, I immediately signed up.

  3. As a clarification once you spend power to increase your normal level, the next time you cast a spell at full power will it be reduced by one?

    For example say your starting level is 4 and you cast a power 5 spell, spending one power reducing it by one. The next time you cast a spell is your starting power 3 or 4?

  4. Ah, Max Perman, I see the confusion. If you’re a Magic-user with 5 power, each time you cast a spell you may spend up to 5 power to “build” that spell. once the spell is cast, you still have 5 power to spend on your next spell. it’s not a resource that diminishes, it’s like a maximum budget for each spell. Does that make sense?

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