4 thoughts on “Do you guys use a homebrew crafting system for DungeonWorld?”

  1. My hack Fourth World, being based on Earthdawn, wherein making things is proof that you haven’t been possessed, contains some minor rules for making stuff.

  2. Adam Koebel posted this on RPGNet a while back, not sure how he feels about it now though.

    “I wrote this a while ago. You can have it.

    Crafting Magic Items

    When you engineer a design for a magical item (weapon, armor, artifact, etc) tell the GM what you aim to accomplish. The GM will tell you three or four of the following;

    You’ll need to disenchant ________ first.

    You’ll need the aid of __________.

    You’ll need to find some __________ to use.

    It’ll take an especially long time to prepare.

    It’ll be unusually dangerous to craft.

    You’ll need to craft it someplace special.

    When you imbue a crafted item with power spend XP and roll+XP spent. On a 10+ choose two tags to imbue the item with. On a 7-9 choose one and the GM will choose one, too.

    New Tags

    – glamoured (with a thought from the wielder, this item can take on the form of something else)

    – indestructable (the item cannot be destroyed by mortal means)

    – shadow (the item gives off clouds of smoky darkness)

    – energy aura (the item is tangible to ghosts, spirits, etc)

    – holy (the item is imbued with divine power, either generally or specifically)

    – unholy (the item is imbued with energies antithetical to the gods and their works)

    – bane (the item is particularly hateful to creatures of a particular race or creed)

    – defender (the item grants +1 armor)

    – fiery (the item burns with a powerful fire that does not harm the wielder)

    – icy (the object is fridged and freezing with a cold that does not harm the wielder)

    – lightning (the object is possessed of a powerful electric charge that does not harm the wielder)

    – hurled (the item gains +thrown, no matter the form it takes)

    – thunderous (when struck, the item emits a blast of sound that does not harm the wielder)

    – chaos-born (the item has an unstable form and can destabilize matter around it)

    – lawful (the item is imbued with lawful energy, and gives form to the unformed)

    – wounding (wounds inflicted by the item or in its presence cannot be healed by natural means)

    – light (the item emits a brilliant light)”

  3. I dunno about a homebrew craft system, but just lemme say as a smith myself; That guy is very lucky to have two assistants that are proficient with 10lb sledges 😛

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