Any ideas on how to improve this item or how to give players options to choose from?

Any ideas on how to improve this item or how to give players options to choose from?

Any ideas on how to improve this item or how to give players options to choose from?

Cloak of DragonSkin

+1 fire resistance while rolling CON.

This cloak is made with dragon skin and offers fire resistance while wearing it and shielding yourself with it. 

Roll +CON,

10+, The cloak totally absorbs the flames and is intact. 

7-9, The cloak protects you from the flames, but becomes damaged, take -2 to your next rolls while defending with it.

[6 -] The cloak has lost it’s original potency and burns to ashes, take fire damage.

12 thoughts on “Any ideas on how to improve this item or how to give players options to choose from?”

  1. I say it depends on how “badass” you want dragons to be in your setting. Assuming Great and Terrible dragons, making a cloak from their scales should be serious mojo. I’d make it look like this…

    Cloak of [Named Dragon]

    While wearing this cloak, you are immune to any fire lesser than the breath of the elder drakes (which still reduce their die size by one when they deal damage to you). This means you can walk through roaring conflagrations, shrug off the fireballs of wizards, and even swim in lava. 

    However, the taint of the dragon-sickness lingers on this item. If you encounter the chance to acquire gold, you must immediately seize it as directly as possible or Roll+WIS

    On a 10+, you are able to fight off the dragon-cravings

    On a 7-9, you either act on your compulsion or take a Debility of the GM’s choice, as the magic turns against you.

    On a miss, you pursue the gold recklessly, and will even harm trusted friends who try to stop you.

  2. Personally I’d go with just something simple as “You are immune to fire” and leave it at that, but if you want a move to give the item personality here’s an idea.

    You are immune to fire. Whenever you would have taken damage from fire, roll +CHA (or CON, whatever you want). On a 10+, you’re fine. On a 7-9, choose 1. On a miss, all three.

    -Your skin turns into scales like that of your cloak

    -Your eyes become like a dragons

    -Your tongue becomes like a dragons

    These changes last until you make camp or give away the cloak for good. Lending it out doesn’t work. For every dragonic feature you have take a -1 ongoing to speaking with people. Everyone in their right mind fears dragons and now they are superstitious of you.

  3. Those are great addition guys! My cloak could be something like a Enchanted Cloak of Fire Resistance instead maybe. And use something more like your stuff for a Dragon Cloak.

  4. When you get engulfed with flame…

    and wearing this cloak

    and shielding yourself with the cloak

    and wrap yourself in the cloak like a blanket 


    There is a difference there…

  5. You are right, made some changes so it’s clearer. Also, I’ve added a +1 fire resistance while rolling CON. Because I just realized it was a simple CON check without anything special, lol…

    The concept of an item that is more simplistic and makes you immune to fire attacks is great but it seems quite overpowered. It would make sense if it was a Cloak made of dragon skin and scales though. 

    But I wanted a cloak that could be helpful but that could also get destroyed. 

  6. I agree with you but If you want keep the possibility to destroy item remember that you have the master hard Moves… (player roll 6- in Hack and slash against a creature that use fire and you “after Lot of battles you cloak lost special fire protection due to the intensive use.Now you are sure that it cannot still protect you for a longer time”- Use up their resources -)

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