31 thoughts on “Is anyone going to be starting up a DW PbP soon?”

  1. Cool, all of you can just head over to gotexp.com, register, and I’ll have the mods set up a folder called DW TAVERN GAME or something like that. Go there.

    In the meantime: does anyone want to GM? I can if no one else wants to. What classes do you want to play?

  2. As this will be my first PbP game, I’d rather just play… and I’d like The Ranger, if that sounds OK to everyone. (and to whoever ends up GMing, Patrick or otherwise: thank you!)

  3. I am up to playing any class really. I will look to see what hits my interest to see if the group would like that role added. Also, I would GM but I am super busy right now prepping for a convention in May and running stuff at my house every week for home group. I still have time to post just not running the game unfortunately. Jeremy VanSchalkwyk  I think Ranger sounds good 🙂

  4. I registered, but don’t see a Tavern game. I assume it just hasn’t been created yet?

    I also don’t have a strong preference for class. Maybe Druid? I’d be happy with pretty much whatever though.

  5. Most likely won’t have time to properly GM as I’m about to have a kid any day now. But games must be played!

    In terms of class I’m leaning towards Thief.

  6. I would rather play than GM, but I would rather a game exist than not exist!

    The folder is up on gotexp.com under “Patrick’s game”. Let me know what name you register under and you can get permissions to post. In the meantime, any discussion of what we want the game to be like can continue here.

  7. I am signed in as dragonslayer0429 Also, are you sure Patrick S. you don’t want to just play and one of us can step up as GM? I can make time to GM if you really want to play. I just need help with what people want to do for ideas or type of world.

  8. Russell Engel , like I said, I would prefer to play but will GM if necessary. If you need ideas, I’m sure we’d be glad to help! That’s what DW is all about, collaborative world building!

  9. Patrick S. I will be willing to jump in as GM. I think Joanne Tang can tell people if I am a decent GM or not since she has been in one of my games. How about people describe what they want to see in this world or not. One big boss? A cult? Magic rare? Gods dead or just not there? etc.

  10. Ah, sorry, I actually just got really busy with school, and I’m afraid I might not be able to keep up with an ongoing game at this point. I think I’m going to have to bow out of this one. You guys have fun!

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