Cheater’s Qarajai Spear

Cheater’s Qarajai Spear

Cheater’s Qarajai Spear

The legendary Elder Pointsman of the Slurred Oasis people’s Buzkashi team, Ghano Kheimod, won seventeen straight games in a row before the Sultan brought his court magi to a match to witness for witchcraft or trickery.  And boy, did they find it.  Kheimod’s spear (somewhat resembling a long-handled, thick bladed fishing spear with a single massive barb below the spearhead to keep the goat from breaking free) not only proved strong and more than capable of grabbing a dead goat’s body on the backdraw, but shone like a diamond with magical energies.

The other dozen mounted, armed players on the field proved loyal to the Sultan’s shouted orders.  The goat was cooked, and the game was finished with Kheimod’s body instead.

The spear, obviously worth a half dozen slaves, was sent, it’s blade sheathed in Kheimod’s severed head, back to his tribe as a warning to never court magic or treachery again.  The tribe refused to touch it.  The messenger left it on the ground, where it remained for a week before disappearing in the middle of the night.

It has since been seen in a fishing village a thousand miles away.  In a museum of exotic weapons and tools.  In the hands of a exiled bastard prince of the Frozen Southern Isles.  Who knows where it will be seen next?

When you wield Kheimod’s Thrust, goats and lambs within Near distance travel to wherever you demand (within eyesight)

When you draw blood with Kheimod’s Thrust you may choose to move the target to any other point within Reach distance.  

When you hack and slash with Kheimod’s Thrust against goats or Saytrs deal an extra 1d8 damage.

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