Hi everyone

Hi everyone

Hi everyone,

So during nearly two decades of RPGs I reached a point where I became tired of all the generic, stereotypical settings and my players constantly using mainstream movies as reference.

My first step was towards Savage Worlds, to provide a single rules-system to my players but be flexible to switch between settings.

In the meantime turned towards the PbtA games. The reason for that is the high amount of Indie content as those developers fell the freedom to diverge from the mainstream.

I recently backed “The Last Days of Angelkite” (http://kck.st/1CesWWA) a project by Mark Diaz Truman   and Brendan Conway because I love the grim and fatalistic World that will for sure take my players out of their comfort zone. And I am thrilled to receive my final copy of “No Country for old Kobolds”

Now I am wondering which “different” Settings and Hack you favor.

Which ones are those special worlds you want to explore with your players?

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  1. Another vote for Inverse World. It starts with a really neat premise but leaves a lot of blanks for you to fill in. I consider that a feature rather than a bug though. And the classes are exceptional.

  2. Dungoen Planet – it’s more planetary romance than high concept sci fi, but it’s an interesting mix, especially when you mix playbooks from Dungeon world in

  3. Wow, thats heaps of feedback. Indeed Inverse World and Dungeon Planet are on my “to read” list already.

    I hab a good look at Low Life some time ago and I do think that it’s to freaky for my players. If anyone should plan a GMT-friendly Session I’d be interested.

    Ed Gibbs​​ thanks I am always curious to check what others in the community create.

  4. I posted this on your other comment but some others may find this useful:

    Here is the big list of hacks:


    I think The Last Days of Angelkite will be pretty cool too. I tend to use Dungeon World (Grim World in particular). As far as one offs, I like the Mass Effect books, the AP Rules handle it pretty nicely and No Rest for the Wicked depending on the group and the flavor of the night. I have heard good things about Monsterhearts, but haven’t tried it yet.

    For +Rich Glover I havent read it but you may want to check out Urban Shadows RPG, they have a google community and I know that kind of the standard for grim modern/world of darkness type games, or Houses and Wands if you want Harry Potter type lightheartedness. For Spelljammer, no clue to be honest but the big list should help with that

  5. Quite a while back, I ran a game where we created a world on the fly using Dawn of Worlds, and then ran it with Dungeon World, using whatever playbooks seemed appropriate.

    By the end of world burning, we had a desert full of borderline eusocial scorpion people, a creepy forest full of blood elementals, winged elves living high in a floating city, steampunk pirate gorillas, Tibetan kung fu airship lizardfolk, kobolds living deep in a mountain with a slumbering dragon, the first sentient creature ever born, a merfolk city built into the back of a leviathan, oracular yetis… and a lot of other comparably gonzo stuff.

    It was my first time running anything more than a one shot, and I screwed a lot of stuff up, but the setting was fun regardless. I’d like to gen another world that way, more I think about it.

  6. I was talking about this with my group last night. We’re considering a couple of things. Microscope to build out a world we’re all invested in and then run an AW or DW game in part of that worlds history AND/OR running Quite Year and then picking up an AW game during the following year. Both allow for a significant investment by all players and you all have this built in knowledge of the world you’re characters live in which is super refreshing.

    I haven’t seen Dawn of Worlds but I’m guessing it would work in the same manner.

  7. Pretty much. It’s closer to Quiet Year, since it creates both a map and a history, but it’s on a much grander scale; you make the entire world from the ground up. I actually thought about Microscope too, but in the end figured that it would fill in too many historical blanks for my taste.

    Quiet Year would be a totally awesome setup game, though! Especially if you want your campaign based out of a specific Steading. Plenty of faces, strong player investment, Fronts ready to go, and the world is left totally open. I wonder how well it would work for NCFOK Village creation; all those unfinished projects and shortages would make for some pretty good Want clocks.

  8. I ran Quite Year with AP and it was really successful, the game did not last too long due to real life, but my players really got into the set up of the game phase, in fact when we have days that are a bust for gaming sometimes we just play Quite Year.

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