Hi everyone

Hi everyone

Hi everyone,

So during nearly two decades of RPGs I reached a point where I became tired of all the generic, stereotypical settings and my players constantly using mainstream movies as reference.

My first step was towards Savage Worlds, to provide a single rules-system to my players but be flexible to switch between settings.

In the meantime turned towards the PbtA games. The reason for that is the high amount of Indie content as those developers fell the freedom to diverge from the mainstream.

I recently backed “The Last Days of Angelkite” (http://kck.st/1CesWWA) a project by Mark Diaz Truman   and Brendan Conway because I love the grim and fatalistic World that will for sure take my players out of their comfort zone. And I am thrilled to receive my final copy of “No Country for old Kobolds”

Now I am wondering which “different” Settings and Hack you favor.

Which ones are those special worlds you want to explore with your players?

Hi everybody

Hi everybody

Hi everybody,

first I wanted to say sorry, for not approving any sharing request.

I have seen various requests coming in via Mail and I simply could not handle them.

So, my apologies go to everybody who tried to share any MGS doc via mail and did not get permission.

I have changed the access right and now everybody should be able to access the doc (hopefully).

I have received quiet some feedback online, as well as offline – thanks for that. Therefore updated to the version 0.30 and made some structural changes to the system.

The status of 0.30 will be the first one to go into proper playtesting.

On top of that, I also wanted to share it here and see if anyone is still interested.

As always, if you should give the document a good read or even apply the system or some elements in any session, please let me know.

I appreciate any kind of feedback to improve the system.

Hi everybody

Hi everybody

Hi everybody,

I have shared this in the Powered by the Apocalypse community but I thought I might post it here as well. 

Seeing some discussions about playing without GM / MC, I have actually been working lately on a GM-less System that should work with any PbtA game.

This is in an early stage and has not yet been playtested properly but I thought I might want to share it to get some comments.

Feedback is much appreciated.

Please note that I am not a native speaker, so if there is any quirky wording please point it out