22 thoughts on “Anyone for a OneShot?”

  1. Hey Markus, nice to see you in the tavern. You are welcome to join one of my local games as well – Although my stomach still aches from yesterdays laughter. (The game featured a witchbroom with expired TÜV, an exploding green pet-rat, and lots alike)

  2. For everyone else: TÜV is the german version of murphys law: If you operate a car or lawn-mover without  biennially paying for a certificate that it won´t blow up, the earth is doomed for good.

  3. TÜV is operating worldwide. But maybe witchbroom was a hint as it’s comparable to a car somehow. In fact do you ever do serious gaming ? Next time you’ll talking about radioactive green glowing ninja bees with a love for folk music.

  4. It´s all a matter of definition. When the flight dicing goes bad, the flying broom can brake. “Let me guess, TÜV expired?” came from the player. Likewise, the glowing green rat was the familiar of the witch. Hitten by something immensly heavy, it made an audible plopp-sound – much do the unease of the girl who owned it.

    So no, it´s no bullshit bingo, and every action logicly follows from the fiction and the world as established. But to play some midieval fantasy stuff and to TAKE IT SERIOUSLY is way past ignoring the oxymoron, just short of starting a sentence with “Mr. Spok would…”

  5. I am running a one shot for four players who have rpgd very little and never played Dungeon World. There are two other players who have played DW before. I am looking forward to sharing the magic with them but it means I am unavailable for an online game

  6. Tim, depends on te GM. In case I´ll GM: Allright with me. Please make sure that your char is in balance with the default ones, and be so kind sending me a copy beforehand so I know your moves.

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