I Gm’d my first ever game yesterday.

I Gm’d my first ever game yesterday.

I Gm’d my first ever game yesterday. Our party consisted of Raymond the neutral human bard, U’riell the neutral elven druid and Roald the lawful human paladin. I used the Catacombs of Bone as a starter dungeon (found somewhere on this site).

Raymond uses drums as a special music instrument (I allowed, because why not) Ur’iell is of the forest and sea, having lived a large portion of his 305 years on a remote island and Raymond has a large hatred against Drow (ideas for a next session).

Judging on the reactions of the other players, I think this will be a game we’ll play more 😀

There were quite a few things happening, like U’riell changing into a unicorn, Roald hanging onto him and they jousted a skeleton into dust, U’riell changing into a giant sea-turtle and again Roald using him as a living shield, all while Raymond was using his drum as assistance (for +1 forward, +1D4 damage, etc.), accidentally killing one of the vampire children using a bone wand and killing a horde of ghouls to take their treasure. In the end, Roald used lay-on)hands to heal Raymond, but this only partially worked and now Roald gained the vampire bite of Raymond, I’m curious how they will get rid of that in the next session. Any ideas?

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  1. Awesome! 

    Someone got a vampire bite? How about…

    …the temple of the sun has a pool that will take away the curse of vampirism, unfortunately the current priests have forgotten this and would rather kill those bitten on sight!

    …the night hag Nefantee is older than most vampires and knows how to break the curse, for a price (and it won’t be in coins!).

    …the wizard Gustaff Faerbaal is a master of transmutation, but what will he do with the curse once he has extracted it from Roald?

    …The legendary ring of Count Huut was crafted to allow a vampire to walk in the sun, it won’t break the curse, but it will make life easier. Unfortunately, Count Huut is still wearing it!

    …Roald’s church have a means to remove the curse, a cavern known as the Trial of Purity. If he (and his pals) can make it out alive, he’ll be free from the bite.

  2. Mark Tygart Thanks Mark!

    Kevin Kloek Hm, let me go over the options.

    It could make the witch a very menacing character if they owe her something, but doing so means she is going to be a part of the adventurer’s lives for quite some time. Do you want that?

    Plus, if she cures him first, he doesn’t have a sense of dread about becoming a vampire, he’ll have only had it half a session!

    If they fetch something for her first then get the cure, the adventurers have something to do right now that will solve a problem.

    It means he’ll have a full session or so with the bite, and I’d make that tough by creating a quick custom move.

    You’re Becoming a Vampire, Bro!

    When you see fresh human (elf, dwarf etc.) blood, roll+INT to stay in control.

    On a 10+, you keep your cool.

    On a 7-9, you have a strong desire to drink blood, choose two.

    – You can settle for animal blood.

    – You don’t need to drink blood right now.

    – You don’t get the shakes until you drink blood.

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