3 thoughts on “Any one know a source for a good template to make “dungeon starters”?”

  1. Here is the one I used that I adapted from Kasper Brohus Allerslev :

    You are at the entrance to INSERT NAMED DUNGEON LOCATION, which is located in/on/by INSERT A NAMED, FANTASTIC (UN)NATURAL SURROUNDINGS. You have journeyed here to INSERT QUEST on behalf of INSERT SKETCHY CHARACTER. Your luck has turned sour though, because INSERT REASON, and that’s a real problem because INSERT GRUELING CONSEQUENCES. To make matters worse, you have just seen signs of INSERT APPROACHING THREAT. You can’t turn back since INSERT YET ANOTHER ANNOYING REASON, so you must push on. Looking at the entrance, you get a feeling this won’t turn out well for all of you. What do you do?

    Give me the best plot ever that fits the above model!

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