A request for recommendations.

A request for recommendations.

A request for recommendations.

I’ve got:

Dungeon World

The 3 backer booklets (Players, Monsters, Planarch Codex)

Adventures on Dungeon Planet

Number Appearing

The Kobold

The Spider

What other products would you all recommend? I admit to being leery of playbooks that seem to be minor variations on extant ones. But even keeping that in mind (and being willing to get past it for something really good), what are the ‘Don’t Miss!’ things?

(If it helps, I’m planning on running a sci-fantasy campaign, drawing heavily from Dungeon Planet and the Planarch Codex. But I’m very open to suggestions for things outside of that style.)

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  1. The Brute is a fantastic playbook,

    Spell slinger is always cool, easily reskinned to scifi.

    Star Mage is a ton of fun.

    Also grab the alternate playbooks they are all great, im especially fond of the artificer.

  2. Alternate playbooks are fantastic. They are complete re-designs of existing classes (Wizard -> Mage; Cleric -> Priest; Paladin -> Templar) rather than tweaks or variations.

  3. Jacob Randolph’s Inverse World has a mechanic with a mech suit. He also has an Artificer that makes scifi gadgets, it is part of the alternate class bundle. I made a Clockpunk that is a steampunkey time hacker.

    Those are the scifiey classes I can think of. Dungeon planet is of course the gold standard for scifi DW.

  4. I post my positive vote for Grim World. You can get nice things from there, also it has good classes: I think you can adapt those one even for scifi, with a little reskinning of the moves – Battlemaster is a good leader tactician, Skirmisher is a good defender, very good to play in tandem with another character while in battle, Slayer is a sort of killing-addicted, Shaman can be a sort of psi, Templar is an inquisitor… All very fun.

    I post my tepid vote for Inverse World. No useful additions to exploration phases, few recyclable ideas, weaker classes (I didn’t like some moves) etc.

  5. Noah Doyle I like it because I like swashbucklers, and the Lover in Every Port move never ceased to help get the party involved in the world. Or involved in trouble, depending on the Hero’s CHA modifier. 

  6. Re: Alternate playbooks. I’ve seen the free copy of the Mage (and have largely balked at it because of its oft-mentioned excessive flexibility). But what’s the gist of the Templar and Priest? I keep thinking about getting the pack, but it’s sort of a “What’s in the box?” thing on that front.

  7. Marty H The Templar is basically the Paladin if it was based around I Am The Law instead of Quest, if you feel like the Paladin just doesn’t hate heretics enough. The Priest is to the Cleric as the Mage is to the Wizard – a broadly defined scope of intervention, limited by the interests of their deity, and with general-purpose “white magic” in Divine Ward.

  8. Whaaaaaa, who doesn’t like Quest? Still sounds sort of interesting since the Paladin could use some Advanced Moves that aren’t just +1 to (blank). Thanks!

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