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  1. Barbarian

    • How did you get your title?

    • information about the barbarian’s homeland

    • information about the token of where you’ve travelled or where you’re from


    • How did you learn about your area of expertise?

    • What’s the history behind your chosen instrument?


    • The cleric is full of setting information, mostly about their deity and the structure and dynamics of their religion.

    • If you’re a human, how did you learn that wizard spell of yours?


    • If you wear furs or hides, what animal did they come from and how did you come to be wearing them instead of that animal?

    • Make sure the druid’s chosen terrain or terrains feature significantly on the map. If they’re an elf, they’ll also need a Great Forest; if they’re a human, they’ll also need a settlement where the druid could have interacted with lots of domesticated animals.


    • The history behind the weapon!


    • The immolator naturally has fewer ties to the rest of the world than other classes, but …

    • How did you get your strange brands or ritual scars, fi you have them?

    • If you’re a salamander: tell me about salamanders!


    • Where did you get your divine authority? Was it from a specific deity, or something else?


    • How did you meet your animal companion?


    • A human thief has ties to other criminals, as per their racial move. Ask about how they entered into their life of crime and who their associates might be.

    • Why do you know so much about poison?


    • Where and how did you learn magic?

    • If you’re a human, how did you learn that cleric spell of yours?

  2. Especially if someone is the only member of a given race, I like to ask “What’s something that everyone believes about Dwarves (or whatever) that’s not true?”

  3. I’ve wanted to try this for a while :

    The first session starts in the middle of a dungeon, things already hot and heavy.  Every time they move to a new area or face/conquer a serious threat turn to a player (at random or clockwise/counterclockwise) and ask then to tell a short, thirty second bit from their character’s past.  After their story pick two key words out.  Next time you ask for a brief flashback ask the player to focus on one of those two words, either literally or metaphorically. 

    By the time they’re out of the first dungeon someone should be a secret murderer, or heir to a foreign throne, or hunted by a Half Goblin, Half Celestial being, or something.

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