4 thoughts on “In response to another thread here, a blog post.  For your amusement.”

  1. Umm doesn’t the edit undercut the main point?   We won’t know if the Barbarian has the right data because we automatically excluded him.  

  2. Ben Jarvis what I was getting at was the following:

    Stabbing drunken incompetent city guard in the back = no Hack and Slash, as not actually melee

    Barbarian trying to understand some esoteric magical theory = no Spout Lore, as no actual accumulated knowledge

    But that’s the less important bit.  The important bit is that there is no mechanical difference in the move between being a novice magician and an ancient master, in the same way that there is no mechanical difference between Hack and Slashing a run of the mill city guard and an elite city guard.

    Does that make sense?  I altered the language slightly, I intended to focus on the 2nd bit.  If you think Barbarians actually have some accumulated knowledge of esoteric magic theory, then the point is moot.

  3. Two words: Oral Traditions!

    They rest doesn’t need explanation and totally had my arms raised (metaphorically) and screaming Freebird!!!

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