13 thoughts on “Any pickup games tonight?”

  1. You should record it. The world needs more AW APs.

    I probably did mean lurking, but I’ll be traveling in a few minutes and won’t be available for lurkage anyway.

  2. I’m interested, I haven’t actually played DW yet. I’ve read up on it, but I’m looking to break in some actual play before I try to run my own game.

  3. While we’re talking about it: I think audio-only recordings are awesome. They work great for car and train commutes as well as doing stuff around the house and whatever. The same niche podcasts fill.

    I recently found the podcast Jank Cast, which has some solid AW games (so far), but ultimately there doesn’t seem to be much or easily-found AW AP content. Some originating directly from this community would be excellent.

  4. Phil Mitchell I’m talking a game. I’m new to this community, but I assume there’s some people here who aren’t opposed to doing a game over Hangouts or Roll20 or something.

  5. Not sure if I’m using the terms correctly, I meant Apocalypse World Actual Play – like a recording of a real game.

    Abbreviations flying around everywhere in this AW/DW RPG G+ WWW 🙂

  6. I’m talking about doing a hangout or something tonight as well – if the audio streaming of actual play discussion could start its own thread, that would be helpful.

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