Hi guys!

Hi guys!

Hi guys!

I published my Shinobi Class on Drivethrough!

It’s a “Naruto” Ninja, with all the tropes like friendship, revenge and lots of magic moves.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

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13 thoughts on “Hi guys!”

  1. Congrats!

    Out of curiosity, how does it differ from the Ninja, who also does a lot of Naruto stuff (teleport away and leave a log/turn into other people/clone jutsu/etc.)?

  2. I see there is also a Ninja class up on DTRPG, which previews two of the exact same starting moves.  are these two different playbooks (one a mod of the other)?

  3. Good point. I admittedly used two moves when it was just a beta playbook. I’ll ask the author about this (anyway it’s a different take and the rest is original work from me).

  4. Oh god Robert Finamore. I just noticed I uploaded a WIP version of the Shinobi, that’s why it’s so similar to the other Ninja!

    I’m uploading right now the correct one, you’ll see it’s kinda different…

  5. You know… of all the things involved in taking my playbook, making a few changes, and selling it as your own, I’m mostly insulted that you labeled it “Inspired by Naruto”.  

    Also, I have yet to hear from you at all, I was notified by the guy acting as my publisher on DTRPG.

  6. Been thinking about this one too as depending on how much Naruto influence is in it once it gets on places like drivethrurpg how much licensing freedom is allowed by the people who own Naruto. Anime companies tend to be pretty open to fan art & fiction until they try to sell it then it could be a tricky situation depending on the company.

  7. Having seen the latest version now, there’s not anything in particular that could reasonably trigger any sort of licensing requirement.  (I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice.)

    We’ve had a talk, and the latest version of the playbook is reasonably different from my Ninja playbook.  I don’t like the changes and consider my playbook superior, but people can buy what they want, and like what they want.  Duccio has agreed to put an attribution notice, and that’s all the CC license requires, so it’s all good.  Have fun, everybody.

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