The Chaotic Alignment for the Barbarian has gotten me a bit stuck on how someone would actually do it.

The Chaotic Alignment for the Barbarian has gotten me a bit stuck on how someone would actually do it.

The Chaotic Alignment for the Barbarian has gotten me a bit stuck on how someone would actually do it. Eschew a convention of the civilized world…how would someone do this for example in a Dungeon or other such place outside of civilization? Also what would this look like? 

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  1. Ask your players what the conventions of the civilised world are, then eschew them when they don’t make sense.

    It really is that simple. Figure out what constitutes “the conventions of the civilised world” in your setting, then figure out the parts where they’re nonsensical or superstitious or anything else that’s a reason to not follow them.

  2. Tim Franzke once per session?! I guess that’s rations sorted, at least…

    In our group, it’s any kind of act that should make someone civilised (the PC wizard, a member of the nobility, a passing merchant or academic) splutter “but… you can’t do that..!” I like Krusty Wightbred’s ideas!

  3. The barbarian discards standard conventions of behavior – so whatever comes across as rude, crass, inappropriate, etc.   In a dungeon, maybe thats pushing through other party members to run to something desired, or belching at camp, blowing his/her nose out onto their hand and wiping it on their armor, or even another party member’s armor.   Etc.   Town is easier to have fun with – broader options, but theres certainly things to do to hold true to character, which is really all that the alignment rule is trying to do.

  4. Well you don’t need to be a wild barbarian. You could be really courteous and obedient to women when this is not something that happens where you are now. Remember that in a European Fantasy setting a barbarian could be a “Samurai”or coming from the equivalent of the Middle East. Barbarians don’t need to be Conan in DW

  5. Look too as the Conan stories or the cromcast (podcast on Conan in literature/comics/music/etc.)

    It’s not that they hate the civilized world, just the rules where they came from are quite isolated and different. Just figure this out where he/she came from & go from there. Maybe the barbarian came from somewhere which has open sharing culture among the tribe of barbarians so getting any horse or servant to help you is normal to him/her but people singing is outlawed due to some history. Come up with the taboos then the player should be able to build off that.

  6. Never wear pants. Fart loudly at the dinner table. Swear often. Tell people exactly how you feel.

    Part of that alignment move is about helping the players learn what civilization is and expects, so that the Barbarian can counter it.

  7. Get a cleric of Civilization in the same game and the Bonds generated and completed by their back and forth will be hilarious! (And XP generating galore)

  8. I think asking them what civilization is and what the conventions are is definitely the best way to go hopefully I can find ways to place them in situations where they can eschew them. Unfortunately the cleric in the party is not of Civilization but he is a lawyer type lol.  

  9. that is easy! 

    the party makes camp? the barbarian urinates on his sleeping companions…. bucuase… well why not.

    the hobbit makes the party sandwitches to celebrate a sucsessful battle? the barbarian refuses to eat it becuase “cooking meat and eating it with bread is a disgusting civilised habit”

    the ranger has made a camp fire? barbarian puts it out or sleeps naked and alone on a frozen bolder because only the weak civilized runts need warmth and light.

    the party is hunting a man eating beast in the woods? the party wakes in the morning to find all their consumables and spare clothes burning in a fire.  the barbarian turns to the party saying “hunting with tools is too civilized, we face the beast as equals!”… then he pees on them

  10. Zachary Groombridge have to disagree with the first with the barbarian or any player just saying ‘why not’ on what’s going on. You have the freedom to come up with some better reason than going some unimaginable cheap route.

    Also doing things to the players could lead to consequences so be ready for that if you disrespect them too much.

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