7-9 Partial Success Ideas.

7-9 Partial Success Ideas.

7-9 Partial Success Ideas.

Hi guys, 

I was wondering if there as any point in coming up with some brief ideas for partial failures. For the various moves.

So say 7-9 on a hack n slash


Loss shield

Armour dented

Knocked over

Wrestled to the ground

Weapon stuck in beast

Weapon stuck in environment

Helmet dented and blinded

Minor Injury (broken rips, arrow in shoulder, sprained ankle)





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  1. I personally find that these things are best determined in context, depending on the fictional situation. An exhaustive list of options would be virtually endless.

  2. A 7-9 isn’t a partial failure, it’s a success with a cost. The PC is still dealing their damage, but they are going to be attacked in exchange.

    It looks like you have a good idea for things that can happen, but just remember your GM moves and go with the fiction. 

  3. i always deal with that based on the fiction.

    gm (me!)

    ‘ the evil knight moves forward and swings his mighty axe at your chest’


    “i move to parry him with my epee”


    “as you charge forward to meet his blow you see that his large viscous looking axe could very easily break your thin flexible epee if you arnt carful”


    “ok, as i notice this i shift my attack to a thrusting stab at his chest. he will have to defend himself or get stabed in the heart”


    “a bold gambit, the knight sees your attack but ignores it attempting to cut you in half. your playing chicken. but who’s blow will land first… roll hack and slash”

    my player got an 11 and managed to stab the knight in the heart, as he sidesteped the blow.  on a 7-9 he would have struck the knights heart and been struck by the axe at the same time, maybe losing a body part or breaking his armour, it was a messy axe (if he was blocking the blow i might have broken his epee as i warned in my soft move). and obveously a 6- means he would have been victim of some royal hurt

  4. Armor/helm dented should be removed unless character is vain but try armor getting straps cut or stuck to something so it’s falling apart or not as effective until fixed.

    Another choice, player hits random enemy instead of the one they targeted.

  5. I like lists like this. I certainly wouldn’t limit myself to them, but when my brain freezes up, or I start falling into ruts, a list of ideas can help.  It’s part of what I like about Dungeon World as a whole, the rules keep kicking me out of comfortable ruts.

  6. No it doesn’t, Adrian. It says they make a MOVE against you. That can be any move the monster has, or any of the GM moves. So tripping them, disarming them, and just about anything else on that list is fair game. It’s totally legit for a Fighter to smash a giant’s kneecap in and get tossed out the room for his trouble, perhaps smashing through a door or window along the way, as a 7-9 result.

  7. Perhaps you’re working off an earlier version, Jacob? Checking the printed book and the official character sheets[1], it says, “On a 7–9, you deal your damage to the enemy and the enemy makes an attack against you.”

    That said, I figure that tripping, disarming, getting tossed out of the room, and pretty much all of Steve O’s list qualify as attacks.

    [1] http://www.dungeon-world.com/character-sheets/

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