13 thoughts on “Very grateful for the Dungeon World SRD.”

  1. Might look at the PDF viewer, some for the Android tablet I have allows user created bookmarking. Agreed a quick table search is great as you don’t want a lot of delays.

  2. Darren Priddy Do you have recommendations for good PDF viewers on Android? Last time I looked, I was unimpressed, perhaps because I’m used to the incredibly good GoodReader on iOS.

  3. Alan De Smet in the Android play store search for ‘EBook Reader’ by Litter Penguin with a giant red book icon. Great so far except being able to set general options of viewing, just have to go in PDF by PDF to fitting to screen or scrolling direction though nice cover view of PDFs in folder organization so every PDF easy to find. Easy to manage bookmarks & also happy with the Lunar reader program (can’t recall full name) for epub/mobi format.

  4. If you’re using an iPad, why not use the .epub file? It works great on my iPhone and Nook. The .mobi file likewise works well in the kindle app for iOS, only problem with the ebook files is that the page numbers don’t sync with the pdf/print book, so if you’ve memorized any page numbers you’re out of luck.

  5. Arp Laszlo I might not have been clear enough, neither the mobi nor epub has page numbers that sync up with the pdf or book. As to sidebars, are there any sidebars in DW other than the pop cultural quotes? In any event those get rendered at the bottom of  pages on my iPhone, my Fate epubs render sidebars on their own pages, same with art, any art on a page in the book gets rendered as it’s own page. It might depend on the device you’re using, epubs scale depending on the screen size, on my phone DW clocks in at 900+ pages, on the Nook it’s 284 pages (which is weird since the book has 408), and the quotes render at the bottom of the page but art still gets a page to itself.

  6. Adam Koebel is right, bookmarks were lost due to stupidity, and have never been added back from laziness.

    I’ll get to it someday, but it’s also not hard to add your own if you have Acrobat.

    In fact, if someone will bookmark the color PDF and send it to me I’ll repay them by creating just for them any one DW thing they want, complete with layout and whatever art I can find. (‘One thing’ means anything that takes up to about two pages of text: a custom GM system for something, a class, a front, a small dungeon, etc.)

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