7-9 Partial Success Ideas.

7-9 Partial Success Ideas.

7-9 Partial Success Ideas.

Hi guys, 

I was wondering if there as any point in coming up with some brief ideas for partial failures. For the various moves.

So say 7-9 on a hack n slash


Loss shield

Armour dented

Knocked over

Wrestled to the ground

Weapon stuck in beast

Weapon stuck in environment

Helmet dented and blinded

Minor Injury (broken rips, arrow in shoulder, sprained ankle)





Hi Guys

Hi Guys

Hi Guys, 

Ran my first game last night and it went really well. The only two minor issues were the fighter with 3 Armour shrugged off nearly every dmg roll. Also when the big combat happened the narrative went out the window at times. So there was a lot of people just hitting each other and trying to do dmg. Also the bard died and failed his last breath roll, though the cleric wants to plea to his good to resurrection (which I am tempted buy), just thinking of a very hard choice.

The players loved bonds and the way they help colour the world.

Also thanks for the quick and helpful responses to a couple of posts I put up yesterday. Great to find such a helpful and constructive community.