Looking for play-by-post forum suggestions

Looking for play-by-post forum suggestions

Looking for play-by-post forum suggestions


I’m planning on running a PbP DW game soon and I’m looking for suggestions for free forums that can accommodate a game. I looked at pbpmap.com and giantitp.com a little. I’m not a huge fan of rpggeek.

Any recommendations?


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  1. Well, since you’re already joining SoME, so why not run a game on GotEXP? I totally understand if you want to branch out, but if you want, I’ll create the necessary threads for you. Just let me know.

  2. Yea I actually considered that first, but I didn’t know how the gotexp boards would feel about having a really green GM running a game 😉

    I’m into it!

  3. I feel ya, but fear not! You’re totally welcome to host a game there. It’d be nice to see more GMs running games on there. I just don’t want to sound too pushy.

  4. It’s totally up to you. You can send me a PM on the forums, if you want, so that we don’t clutter up this post. I’m free the next half hour, but afterward I’ll be busy until evening.

  5. I’m attempting a G+ community game currently.  There are things I really like about it.  Number 1 is the ease of having a great mobile app.  I really wish there was a dice rolling mechanism, and a way to reorganize how things are presented.

  6. to add to my previous comment, I’m currently a player in a game that’s utilizing google docs.  Aside from a dice rolling mechanism, it seems to be the opposite of using a g+ community.  There’s no push updates, but it’s a very malleable interface (easily edited, but keeps track of edits), and it provides a great way of doing behind the curtain things (dice rolls and OOC comments can be done using the comment system). 

  7. Seems like another advantage would be that if you keep consistent with voice and POV and strict about not putting OOC and comments in the body, by the end of it you’d have a really nice document that reads like an epic story

  8. andrew ferris  re: boards and threads.  At GotEXP each game has its own board, with several threads; as many as you need.  We have our own die roller, too.  I guess it’s just about preferences.  I really like our community.

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