I made a write up for a Gun Mage.

I made a write up for a Gun Mage.

I made a write up for a Gun Mage. Now this is from my fantasy/sci-fi setting so it’s probably a little different from what you’re expecting. I’m trying to design classes that are versatile and can be played multiple ways. So far I only have the first page done. I want to get my basics covered before I work on advance moves.

The Focus mechanic I’m working on is used two different ways. If you have Focus certain moves work for you. They give smaller passive abilities. The flashier moves make you spend Focus to pull off. I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions below.

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  1. Peter Johansen what do you mean by “be closer to what you’re looking for”? I own the Spellslinger and have thought about the ideas presented there. I’m looking for feedback on my Gun Mage. What about the Spellslinger should I be looking at?

  2. Just at a first glance, the concepts seemed similar. Apologies if I was off, I’ll take a closer look when I have leisure later tonight.

  3. A couple thoughts:

    – The Drives don’t match up with the usual Alignment/Drive format. They explicity say “When you _, mark XP.” Normally, it’s just stated as a task and the End of Session move covers it.  Maybe that’s intentional.  Related, I’d change the Money drive’s trigger to “get paid for a job you agreed to do.”

    – The menacing tag is problematic; pretty much any “___ counts a leverage” move is problematic, because it ignores the fictional details and established motives/traits of the NPCs and monsters in the world.  I don’t care how menacing your gun is, it’s not going to count as leverage to Demogorgon, or an inevitable, or (IMO) a mother protecting her child.

    – The Focus mechanic leaves me kinda “meh” at first glance; the choices all seem so mechanical. Also, 3 focus to ignore armor when 2 focus will straight up inflict harm?  Seems too expensive.

    Could you make the choices more descriptive, more engaged with the fictional situation?  Off the top of my head:

      1 Focus: Ask the GM a question about the situation; take +1 forward to act on the answer

      2 Focus: Draw, aim and fire before anyone has a chance to react (deal your damage)

     3 Focus: Land a trick shot of impossible accuracy 

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