When you try to tell a foolhardy and impetuous village youth what to do roll +Charisma

When you try to tell a foolhardy and impetuous village youth what to do roll +Charisma

When you try to tell a foolhardy and impetuous village youth what to do roll +Charisma  

On a 10+ Choose 2

*They do it without getting in over their head

*They don’t resent you for it

*They do it right away, instead of at the last possible minute

On a 7-9 Choose 1

On a 6- You’re a meddlesome old fogey, and they’ll act out just to spite you.

When you try to decode the mumblings of Thrice-Drunk Winston first make sure you’re drunk yourself. You’re drunk? Okay, good… then roll +the number of bars you’ve gotten roaring drunk in tonight (max +3).

On a 10+ Choose 2

*You’re able to decipher advice that proves strangely relevant to your current problem.

*His drunken ramblings gird you for what is to come. This counts as 1 preparation for whatever great task you’re party is trying to accomplish

*You don’t pass out soon after Winston finishes dispensing his incomprehensible wisdom.

On a 7-9 choose 1, or choose 2 and accept that your visit with the drunken sage will be interrupted by a massive bar fight. He’ll finish what he was saying after the fists, knives, and flagons stop flying.

What do you guy’s/gals/folks of non-binary gender(s) think? A couple of custom moves that I’ve been kicking around for a DW game I have planned that will begin in a piss-stain of an old fishing town, turned shelter for the families of slain soldiers, turned back into a piss-stain of an old fishing town called Widow’s Landing.

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  1. This is creepy. I just told my daughter to wash the dishes and there was a bit of a discussion. Then this post appeared. I showed it to her and rolled a 6+whatever my Cha is (Naturally, it is 3) . End of discussion. She may hate  me for it 🙂 but she has to do it right away!

  2. Yep. I’ve been psychic for a very long time, but unfortunately my talents are limited to strangely apropos posts on gaming-related google+ groups. 😉

    Here’s another one I’ve been considering, given that the campaign I’m planning will have a definite sword-and-sorcery angle to it:

    When you breathe in the fumes of the Black Lotus roll +the number of doses you have taken minus your addiction (max +3).

    On a 10+ Your soul embraces the power of the Black Lotus. Gain 1 Addiction and 3 Hold. You may spend this hold 1 for 1 on any of the following effects:

    *Gain a single use of an magical or sinister move from another playbook.

    *Have your spirit leave your body to walk the world, or journey to the Dream Lands.

    *Double the effect of a single Magical Move or Spell.

    On a 7-9 The lotus dreams are fleeting, and so is the power they provide. Gain 1 Hold and 1 Addiction.

    On a 6- The power of the Lotus overwhelms you and you lose 1 Addiction. Rock bottom and all that.

  3. Definitely putting them in a spot :). After all, when you’re tripping the light fantastic, it’s hard to notice a city-guard swat team.

    As an adjunct, I think that a good supplemental move would be Defy Danger rolled with Addiction to resist getting a fix when you have an opportunity. 10+ you’re good  thus far, 7-9 You need a fix right now, or suffer withdrawal. On 6…you see where I’m going here.

  4. Thanks! Here’s another one that I’ve come up with, as another one of my Fronts is going to involve a Mr. Gauntesque demon trying to bring Widow’s Landing to it’s knees through a series of minor pacts that will eventually build up to betrayal, rage, and murder.  Anyway, here it is:

    When you review an infernal contract you’ve made with Gauntilix, and are about to sign roll +Int.

    On a 10+ You weed out every pernicious sub-clause, addendum, and margin note on the contract, and even insist on (and get!) some more favorable language for your side of the bargain.

    On a 7-9 It looks like what you agreed to with the imp, more or less.  But there’s a proviso or kicker in the contract that will come back to bite you in the ass.

    On a 6- The imp beams, it’s mouth crammed full with bright-white just-too-sharp teeth. “Thank you for your business Sir.”

    That can’t be good.

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