Okay, so I would like some help.

Okay, so I would like some help.

Okay, so I would like some help. I would like to figure out a way to run DW adventure around a campfire. These are my thoughts. First, this will need to focus on the fiction more than ever, since visibility will be limited. will be a one-off session, so should I not worry too much about xp and maybe add in an RP bonus instead, include 3 checkboxes to allow a player to have up to 3RP points to spend toward boosts that make sense to the fiction–learn from their mistakes, bit of luck, kinda things.

-Make smallish (A5 or half of 8/11) laminated character sheets for multiple classes, bring a few fine-point dry erase markers.

-Have all of the stats already printed on them.

-Have check boxes for HP. 

-GM will use a phone app and role all roles, can announce rolls or keep them to self and let the fiction move forward (any recommendations on iOS apps?).

-What about hirelings, have a few smaller cards with basic info–or leave out.

-keep gear fairly liberal and not worry about tracking at all, but keep it in check as play progresses.

This was pretty much a brain storming while I posted, what thoughts do you have?

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  1. Not to get off-subject, but have you seen Sundered Lands? Vincent Baker built it from the bones of AW and it has a nice gritty fantasy feel. It’s very small and self-contained and would play great in front of the fire.

  2. Around a campfire, I personally wouldn’t bother with sheets. I’d memorise the moves to the best of my ability, and trust the fiction, assuming 7-9 results most of the time, with a few 10+ outcomes when a player is doing their best thing, and a few 6- results when it is time to mix things up. But I’m an improv nerd anyway.

  3. I think I would take a page from Avery Mcdaldno ‘s Dream Askew. Give the players like 3 stones or twigs or something. They want a 10+ result, they gave away a stone. If they take a 6- result, they gain a stone. 7-9 results are freebies. I’d also go World of Dungeons to simplify the move list. As far as play books, without stats and special moves they would become 100% fiction. Want to cast spells? You’re a wizard. Want to pick pockets? Thief. Not a thief? No pick pocketing for you. All that and a health dose of improv should get you most of the way there. Good luck and tell us how it goes!

  4. These are all great ideas. I am going to read up on Sundered Lands and Dream Askew and see what I can come up with.

    I’m leaning toward more improv, but will probably put together some small, 2-sided,  bare-bones playbooks and see if they would help more than hinder the flow (some of the players will be first timers and I don’t want squinting at playbooks to see “what they can do” to kill the mood).

    Although, I feel that tracking HP is important, no matter how much improv I do, to make the threat seem real.

  5. I’ve done this once. Well, minus the actual campfire and with a park bench. And we used World of Dungeons instead of the full rules. We did have a pair of dice and smartphone dicerollers. Characters sheets were notepaper.

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