Okay, so I would like some help.

Okay, so I would like some help.

Okay, so I would like some help. I would like to figure out a way to run DW adventure around a campfire. These are my thoughts. First, this will need to focus on the fiction more than ever, since visibility will be limited. will be a one-off session, so should I not worry too much about xp and maybe add in an RP bonus instead, include 3 checkboxes to allow a player to have up to 3RP points to spend toward boosts that make sense to the fiction–learn from their mistakes, bit of luck, kinda things.

-Make smallish (A5 or half of 8/11) laminated character sheets for multiple classes, bring a few fine-point dry erase markers.

-Have all of the stats already printed on them.

-Have check boxes for HP. 

-GM will use a phone app and role all roles, can announce rolls or keep them to self and let the fiction move forward (any recommendations on iOS apps?).

-What about hirelings, have a few smaller cards with basic info–or leave out.

-keep gear fairly liberal and not worry about tracking at all, but keep it in check as play progresses.

This was pretty much a brain storming while I posted, what thoughts do you have?